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[mod] Bedrooms of Delight


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Bedrooms of Delight


This mod is addon for Colonists' Deco. It add a few pervy decorations to garnish colonists' bedrooms with.


Important detail: I used works of other authors as reference and adapted them to look best with Rimworld graphics. Therefore, I claim no any rights for original work, but the sprites from this mod of mine.

If any of authors wish me to remove their work from there, I'll do that. I tried to list all the known (by me) authors of original works in separate .txt file in main folder of mod.



Colonists' Deco

(also I suppose you to use Camera+)



I'm planning to add more posters.

So there is an offer: you send me your not complex favorite lewd art to me (via Discord) and I'll probably add it this mod as poster!

Also, I'm planning to expand other decorations as well (end table, cell and etc)

My Discord is Magenta_Ivy#6238



Also, in a near future there will be mod on a Steam, which fixes Colonists' Deco mod textures.


Poster count:

- Makima: 1

- Haydee: 6

- Other Mother: 3


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On 9/1/2021 at 5:15 AM, DemonicAnahka said:

my colonists dont seem to be putting any of these items down


My advice is to increase the posters limit in the Colonists Deco settings. It will increase maximum amount of posters hung on a wall of the room, so the chances of putting down a lewd poster.

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So, I have looked a little at the Art Deco mod and yours. Do you recon there is a way to set preference for what art is put up?

So far I've had dildos and condoms placed on bedside tables, but I've yet to have a poster placed on the walls, just the weird masks that are native to the mods. Is this related to ideology, somehow?

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35 minutes ago, SingleForLife said:

@EnRomous I have a suggestion, all the decorations of colonists deco have a button to inspect the object, giving you a bigger, higher res picture of the object.

Could you look into creating those for your decorations as well?

This feature is already in mod and is working with my addon.

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@EnRomous found the issue, my colonists never hung any posters on the wall because those are only available with the industrial level decorations but not with the spacer level decorations and as such I had only bedside table decorations to compare wich don't have the button.

with only industrial deco researched my colonists hung a poster on the wall and I could confirm that the button does exist and work as expected


guess I'll just have to not research spacer deco in the future

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