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  1. it takes time, but they will get over it eventually
  2. you shouldn't actively use Prepare Carefully because it bugs out things like the pawns's genitals (having PC installed isn't the problem, clicking the button to activate its functions is) you should use Character Editor instead since it can do the same things PC can and more (like editing traits, needs, relationships and memories during the game to fix mistakes or simply cheat)
  3. @victor133x hey, currently using your resource pack in modded 1.12.2 and I just wanted to let you know how to fix the light gray bed texture not showing up. It turns out you have to name the file "silver.png" to make it work. (only found this fix by downloading another 1.12.2 resource pack and having a look at the file names xD)
  4. I'm not the most experienced guy here and you use some mods I never used at all like 'Combat Extended' and 'Children School and Learning' which COULD have something to do with your issue but I have no idea since, again, I never used them. My personal guess would be either a) Prepare Carefully (although I only remember it messing with the hediffs) or b) Dub's Bad Hygiene which I only tried once and uninstalled the same day because it was causing some issues (can't remember what issues exactly though)
  5. in game press ctrl+F12 to create a Hugslog, upload it to github or pastebin, link it here that way we can see: a) what mods you have, b) what your mod load order looks like, c) the warnings and errors your game may or may not have told you about
  6. I only encountered this bug when I used prepare carefully and I'm not a professional modder either so I would recommend you get a HugsLog (ctrl+F12 in game if I remember correctly), upload it to git or pastebin and link it in the main RJW thread, describing your problem so someone more knowledgable than me can try to help you
  7. did you use prepare carefully when creating the characters? because that happened to me when I used that mod. it's the most common mistake, that mod messes with your chars behind the scenes, but only if you used it in the creation of your pawns. having prepare carefully installed by itself shouldn't cause issues as long as you don't use it.
  8. I don't know about making them unloosable, but I have a quick solution for you. install this mod and you will see the item ID when hovering over the letters you have so you can admin the rest in
  9. AFAIK this bug has to do with the defeat mod and/or it's sub-mods (teratodefeat and terraphilia defeat) read through the last couple of pages of the defeat mod's thread for more information. also I noticed in your log, that you have multiple .zip files in your mods folder, which are SKIPPED by the game. if you want to use those mods, make sure to extract those into regular folders
  10. RJW and it's addons should be moved all the way to the bottom of the load order, see if that fixes your issues
  11. in sexbound.config, line 172, "enable" : true, to activate it and edit "sxb_plugin.futanari.config" for the specific settings (allowed races etc.)
  12. it has to look like this: Starbound/mods/sexbound/*files* every mod needs to be either a) a .pak file or b) contained within it's own folder
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