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  1. The texture pack goes into the "resourcepacks" folder and has to be manually enabled in game. If it doesn't show up in game, then you have to unpack it first.
  2. Did you by any chance install the mod "Performance Optimizer" by Taranchuk? Because I got the same issue and that mod is the only one I added recently.
  3. rjw-master in the mods folder so it looks like this: mods -rjw-master --1.1 --1.2 --1.3 --About
  4. the heart symbol in your pawn's Bio tab
  5. wait for the next update, she doesn't have interactions yet
  6. Rimflix itself can do that, depending on how you use it I have about 300-350 mods installed and the game only takes a couple/handful of minutes to load, but as soon as I enable Rimflix it takes 12 or 13 minutes to get the main menu. The problem is Rimflix loading all my shows, every single image of the 233 shows I created using the mod, when the game is launched instead of when a savegame is loaded. If we could change it so Rimflix only loads a show when a TV has to display it then we could have as many shows as we want, but as it stands you have to choose shows based on how much load time you are willing to deal with everytime you launch Rimworld
  7. Jenny spawns in a small hut in plains or near forests, Ellie lives in a mansion in the taiga biome (I believe) and the slime girls can appear in swamps. you don't need creative mode
  8. she hops around in random directions. after a while she removes her dress and keeps hopping around. after hopping around naked for a bit she gets horny (hearts) and will hop towards you to fellate you. if you evade her advances she will spawn a little slimeblock to hop on and gets into doggy position
  9. your mods are in the correct folder and every mod has their own subfolder just like they should I never used vortex so I can't say anything about that the only thing that confuses me is why you have two versions of licentia labs in there, but that shouldn't prevent RJW graphics from loading did you make sure that the folders aren't nested? they should look like this: mods -rjw-master --1.1 --1.2 --1.3 --about and NOT like this: mods -rjw-master --rjw ---1.1 ---1.2 ---1.3 ---about
  10. well there are a lot of graphics missing, the first thing I noticed were all the kurin underwear errors, but after scrolling further I saw that even base RJW stuff like the humpshroom texture can't be found. could you please upload some screenshots of your modfolder so I can see if you installed it correctly at least?
  11. that window is part of the RJW Menstruation mod
  12. the dropbox link returns error 404 did the file get removed?
  13. select the cat and click the paw icon, then select the dog and click the doggystyle icon. that should allow the dog to breed the cat
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