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Question for our resident creators, how do you set the scene for your creations. I just threw four walls up for screen shots. Is there a better way to do it?





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21 minutes ago, ErinC7214 said:

I just threw four walls up for screen shots.

HA HA! I just paint a few sections of a wall and throw down a few sections of red carpet in whatever house or garage or wherever, hang lights, take pics and forget it. I also recently did something similar to what you show... My family was Into The Future and no good place to paint a wall in their house, so I went into build/ buy mode, placed a 10 x 10 lot, built a tiny 4 wall "house", paint, red carpet (my basic background) 1 end table, pose player and some lights. Went live, and bought the house and did my photoshoot! 

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I usually create a large basement under the house and build a stage, a double wall with a window or door and behind a set (I use Jenysims Bacgrounds photoshoot a lot or the photowalls of the theme that I look for each session) I use the highlights of the Buydebug trick like You put in your example although I only use one and move it according to the photo I am looking for (I do not illuminate it from all angles so as not to saturate the image)






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On 8/17/2021 at 8:41 AM, ErinC7214 said:

set the scene


I use normal game play. I've missed many a shot but occasionally I get lucky.


I use both a camera mod which allows the camera to get much closer or further away as well as the TAB feature.


Sometimes I even turn off thought bubbles, but most of the the time any shots I upload are not set-up or poses (I have some for the bondage objects).


While I'm not trying to do a photo shoot, I do find myself pausing the game while I find good angles and will take the background into consideration.


Lighting is fun although the outdoor shots in my game are pretty dynamic because of the Lighting mod I use. Like Patriguz, I have also used basements as a sort of studio - since the game defaults to a pretty neutral light source and allows the player to control that much more than on the surface.


So basically my shots fall into 3 categories: The Artsy Fartsy shot, The Technical shot (to show a feature or layout/etc.), and the Freeze shot - where I find a Sim or event (anything) that could be useful for fun (usually something odd or unusual is happening).




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Greetings I'm back at home and preparing a new pictorial, I take the opportunity to show a little better what I said in the other post. In the first photos you can see the basement with the double false wall and the decoration of the city at night in the bedroom window ,,, then you can see the fake comic shop that I have set up for the photos of the girl, I use the "decor people photographer" for the girl to look where I want with the option "look at" the last ones are from a beach decoration that comes with the expansion "Seasons", there is one for each season of the year and you must use "Buydebug" to obtain it. Then it only remains to cut the excess






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On 8/25/2021 at 12:11 PM, Patriguz said:

one for each season of the year


Oh - That's interesting!


I knew about the changing backgrounds used in the Season's EP's Festival grounds photo booth, but had no idea they were available for use in the game.

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On 8/25/2021 at 11:11 AM, Patriguz said:

I use the "decor people photographer" for the girl to look where I want with the option "look at"

Is that a mod? An item that comes with the game? A cheat? Unfortunately, when I googled for that, the only result that came up was this comment in this thread.

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It is not a mod, the "decor people" are objects (I think they come out in the buy mode in the plants or statues section) there are in many positions, I use them to give some life and atmosphere to my sets (I like them a lot of situations like "Makin off" of movies or photos) without having to invite 6 or 7 NPCs, one that I use a lot is the one in the pose of a photographer. Here I put some shots where I have used them.

all the indicated ones are not NPCs, they are decorative objects.


I also put a link to a page where they can be downloaded






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Another thing is the MOD "RdN_Misu_PosePlayerAddOn" this mod adds many new options when using the "Poseplayer" and take pictures with it, it allows you to rotate, raise, lower or move the characters without going to construction mode and without using "Moveobjects ", you can put the poses in random mode and do a long session without having to select poses one by one, you can change the facial expressions (fear, disgust, anger, happiness, etc ,,) and for me the most useful , you can make the character turn his head and look at a specific object in the room that you select. I usually use the Decor People Photographer as a reference and place it in the place where I want my models  look at.




At the end of the first post in this page there an archive to download

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On 10/10/2021 at 8:48 AM, Patriguz said:

It is not a mod, the "decor people" are objects (I think they come out in the buy mode in the plants or statues section) there are in many positions

🤦‍♂️You posted this in answer to a question that I asked, and I somehow missed the response. I was re-reading this thread to find some more ideas for setting up screenshots, and got to your post saying you used "decor people photographer", and I just spent like 20 or 30 minutes searching the internet for what that was. Just when I was going to ask you what that was, I found out that I had already asked and you had already answered. 🤦‍♂️

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18 minutes ago, Patriguz said:

@FreakyRufus I have seen in the link that I put that there is only one of the groups of Decor peoples, there are several more of bathers on the beach for example or that of the photographer. If you need them tell me and I will look for them :thumbsup:

That would be great! I looked around the site where the "decor people" comes from, and I only saw similar items for FF12, and decor peacocks. I'd definitely be interested in stuff for the beach.

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