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  1. Thank you, i'm sure she got save over the rainbow bridge❣️ I know and a pretty funny toy as well 😂 i've never turned this on and I'll never even turn it on. Thats an absolute no go for me! I wouldnt even animate this stuff
  2. Hab dich lieb Schnubbelchen!🥰❣️

  3. At first I was like: "Nooo, don't bring cute, lil doggos into the sims 3 sex area🥺" (I'm a bit emotional about this atm since my own rl dog died this month after 13 years). But the more I look at it, the cuter and funnier I find it. Aww, doggo found a new 'toy'😂❤️
  4. @ghost-17a, @LadySmoks I love you both guys SO FUCKING MUCH OK?!😭❣️
  5. Update: Lucas has sent me a message with a file. This is a single file where a single bone in the penis is controllable/moveable. Someone needs to make this rig default and the penis shaft controllable. I HOPE to see anyone doing it. So here's the file by Lucas: SingleBoneWeener.package
  6. The package looks really messy tbh, I just took a look at it. I'll try my luck with it but I CAN'T promise too much.
  7. Heyho❣️ I've seen that the most animations in Sims 4 got an animated penis. I was wondering if this was possible for Sims 3 as well (and no I'm not talking about that awkward thingy by spaceman). I don't know how this works or how this is scripted but I'd LOVE to see such a thing here in Sims 3!
  8. *Cries* I want that one too! I'd also LOVE to have a functional penis like in Sims 3!
  9. Ken and Jongin. The girlish boy and the sexy bartender
  10. Ken was pretty bored when his husband wasn't near to him LOL🍆🍑
  11. I can unfortunately just agree with MJ. Looks pretty photoshopped. I've tried my luck with looking for CC like this but I didn't found something like this. Well, technically I found something, but the download link isn't working (I hate this so much). But you still may want to take a look at those: https://xxxkinkywiqxxx.blogspot.com/2012/01/these-boots-are-made-for-asskicking.html
  12. First of all, thank you @LadySmoks. I've NEVER worked with skins, so this will be an adventure😂 @Nonsequitur I know, but it's pretty sad since the skin itself is very beautiful. There is also a non barbie version (somewhere...) but it just adds public hair! The penis there isn't detailed as well.
  13. Hello folks!🙋‍♀️ So, many of my Sims use the 'FFDW Klavix' skin but theres one thing that's bugging me for quite some time now: There are no details to the penis for male sims. I mean yeah, there IS technically a naughty skin version. But it just adds some hair😂 Now to my question: Is there a way to add penis details/can anyone do this? The skin: https://modthesims.info/d/454867/updated-ffdw-skintone-non-default-default.html These pics show what I mean:
  14. New Update; 10/31/21 I've finally added 3 new Animations to my package. It's not much, but at least something!❣️ I know that the Handjob animation has a lazy hand, ok?! xD I was just playing around with trying to animate with an acc but I liked the animation itself pretty much so, just ignore the hand xD Enjoy❣️🍑
  15. Thank you so, so much honey!❣️ And no worries, I work at my speed (although it's a bit slower) and I'll update as soon as I'm satisfied with my new animations. I hope to update them in November, but I also think about just doing a huge update in december!🍑
  16. This is even BETTER than I imagined LOL. I love it. Well, you'll see how I'll handle it since I've written down some ideas. This is only needed for two stages. Teasing and Handjob.
  17. Unfortunately, It's not really helpful with my problem. I really think that it's a compatibility issue like u already said. The thing is, that I don't even have a physical version of University Life/Pets and Island Paradise😔
  18. Hej!🥰 I've got a problem, I've got every Sims 3 expansion/acc pack. But somehow EA didn't created folders for the expansions I've bought via Origin etc. It only created the folders for the packs I've installed via CD. Now, I want the Smartphone from University since I want to create a 'steaming' animation but I can't get the smartphone since there's no University folder! Could someone pls send me the smartphone acc?
  19. I personally couldn't imagine one. The thing is simply that the physical aspect is just missing. I want to cuddle, kiss and have sex with my partner. Who would hug me if I'm sad? Do I always have to sleep alone? These are just some aspects that would make it almost impossible for me. I need to admit that I had a realtionship with an app once (I'm lonely ok? xD) It made me more sad than anything else😔
  20. Mine is a mixture out of almost everything. My favorite artists: KAI Slipknot MAXIMUM THE HORMONE The Animal in Me BAND-MAID REOL Leo Megan Thee Stallion Lady Gaga Beyonce Daft Punk Music is just like shutting the world down for some time. Like all the problems go away for a certain amount of time and I listen to music for like 6 or more hours a day.
  21. What awaits you: 1. Cowgirl on bed (finished) 2. Behind bed (finished) 3. Streaming mastubating (WIP)
  22. I laughed more about this than I actually should😂 My gay boys absolutely love this, thank you🍑🍆💦 I've actually got an idea for a future project: 1. I always wanted an open doctor coat for males. Without underwear, Just the coat and maybe some accessoires 2. How about a sexy boss of a company outfit?
  23. Looks absolutely great! You're pretty talented when it comes to this stuff🥰 But I'd love to see a male version too!🍑
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