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For one or more of you that have switched from LE to SE I have a question. Since all ini files are txt files, and since I am happy with my LE ini files, couldn't I just plain copy those from the LE directories to the SE directories? This would likely save a lot of work.


And before I give anyone the wrong idea I am not about to "jump ship." I was thinking about making SE versions of one or two of my mods. Since the "critical parts" of those mods are scripting using CAO alone is not an option.


After downloading the CK from Bethesda.net I was struck that I now needed to redo at least some of my ini files. However, in looking at it I was reminded that they are all txt files and, thus, my question.

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Maybe some help:

Especially: https://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/topic/4633-skyrim-se-porting-a-mod-from-le-to-sse/



Regarding your question: I did exactly that with MO1 when I was having a look at SE. ? But I can't remember if the later edits where due to a real need or just because I experimented a bit around. Probably the later, since it worked from the start right away

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41 minutes ago, Psalam said:

Since the "critical parts" of those mods are scripting using CAO alone is not an option.


I don't understand the problem there? You just take them as they are, scripts don't really need to be converted.

Each and every vanilla LE Papyrus function is present in SE, even more. The only thing I remember where one has to adopt is for RaceMenu bodymorphs, as the plugin is named differently. Still, even there the functions remain the same IIRC.


If you want to be on the really safe side: just recompile the scripts with the SE compiler and you're good to go. No changes needed in the source code ;) A little help for that, so you won't need to start up the CK just for recompilation: PCA is your friend

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