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A guide to downloading and extracting 7Zip multi-part archives on LoversLab

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This tutorial is provided to those having difficulties downloading Multi-part 7Zip archives on LoversLab


7Zip is required   https://www.7-zip.org/


LoversLab forum software sometimes renames files uploaded, by adding a number plus the underscore character "_" to the front.

It also sometimes removes spaces in the filename.


This causes confusion with some users.


With my uploads, I provide a screenshot of the files as they were created.

This tutorial will use Sanguines Debauchery downloads as an example.


This is the screen shot I provide:




When uploaded to LoversLab they were changed to this:



Looking at the two, you can tell that the number & underscore were added and any spaces removed.


There is one more thing that is important to note, that you have to have Windows Explorer display file extensions.

It's in the "View" tab:




Now comes the download part, download and place in a working folder.

I used one called SD:




To return the files to what is required:




Then highlight teh number and underscore at front:




Delete the highlighted and return spaces where needed:




Repeat for all the files downloaded:




Now we can extract the Archive.

You only need to extract from the first file (ends with .001):



7Zip will deal with all the files, so please don't ask what to do with the other files.



You'll end up with a folder:




You can now make your install archive:




You'll end up with a .7z archive:




That archive can be installed as you would any other mod


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On 8/14/2021 at 1:55 AM, Grey Cloud said:

You don't have to but keeping the archive means you don't have to download it again if you ever need to uninstall and reinstall the mod.

Thanks, one more question: when I install using mo2 do I merge the voice file with whatever mod it's supposed to go with or do I make it a seperate mod?

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On 7/27/2021 at 9:12 PM, judge007 said:

7Zip will deal with all the files, so please don't ask what to do with the other files.

I know you say not to ask, and I am trusting that it works, but I'm confused and I don't like that. The other downloaded files don't appear to be in the extracted 001 (and therefore, the matching newly zipped Voice) file. Though, ooh! That's interesting. I redownloaded just the 001 and tried extracting it a separate location without the other files and it wouldn't complete. Now I'm less frustrated and much more intrigued. My Google-fu isn't up to knowing what even to search for to find the answer to my question of how this works, but I will definitely take just even just a link for my own education. Pretty please? ?


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On 9/1/2022 at 1:30 AM, daddylonglegs01 said:

Well care to explain , I'm having the same problem. 

First make sure you download all the files.

Second see in the picture below Part 14 has a different filename. There's a space between SlaveRun & Reloaded. So if you only renamed and deleted the numbers and underscore from the other files it wouldn't work for you.  Easiest is click on the last file, copy the entire filename then click on each of the other parts (.001, .002, etc.) and paste the new filename over it (without overwriting the '.001').  So in the example below you would have "SlaveRun Reloaded_Voice_Comments.7z.001", "SlaveRun Reloaded_Voice_Comments.7z.002" and so on.

Sorry if I'm over-explaining.  I noticed the below issue on the Sexist Guards Voicepack, and see the same thing with the Slaverun file so that's probably where you're running into a problem. The last archive when it was unzipping wasn't being usedvoicefiles.png.728cce3c27ff9ba02d508c24a86f16f0.png

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