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  1. Thanks so much! Took me a bit to figure out how to change the load order (didn't realize it had to be done in the mod manager and then wasn't sure if it was the mod, the plugin, or both - actually, still not sure there; I went with both) but I eventually got it. Looks like everything's working now. I appreciate the help! (And the mod!)
  2. Sorry for being so clueless (this is the first time I've ever really tried anything with SSEEdit) - I can't figure out how to actually add the arrow mod masters. When I try, it's not not listed as an option and trying to just type in the name and hit ok closed the program.
  3. Was there an update that made it so that you need to be naked or have your armor set as naked in SL Aroused in order to receive bump and furniture spanks? That's the only way I've gotten them to work. (And I only found it out by accident because the game unequipped my armor from me when I was upgrading it at the table.)
  4. I couldn't get the male soul-gem pregnancy to work, either. No matter what settings I tried, my male PC would always be "Pregnant with Child." Cum inflation wouldn't work either. I thought maybe it was a conflict with Fill Her Up so I uninstalled that and tried playing with Hentai Pregnancy's settings again. When that didn't work, I uninstalled and reinstalled Hentai Pregnancy. Still not working. So I think I'm going to give up until if/when this mod gets a new update. (I know I've gotten it to work with older versions of the mod if I change my PC's SexLab sex to female, but I'm trying this playthrough without doing that.)
  5. Anyone know a way to have it swap every female in the game to male without having to manually do each one? I swear I was able to do that on a previous playthrough but I had to wipe and re-do all my mods recently. Nevermind - I figured it out (but figured I wouldn't delete the post in case anyone else is wondering the same thing). It's an option in Eager NPC's. You can set genders for specific schlong types in SLEN's SOS Integration menu.
  6. If it comes back reading as "none," what do I need to do to enable the sex option for completing the Fishing Job quest?
  7. I really like the idea of this mod (haven't gotten to play through much of it yet, but have high hopes for it!). Think you've already said you plan on working on the vampires at some point - would ❤️love❤️ it if there was an option with them, kind of like you have with the Companions, to join their faction without being turned into a vampire. Thank you for the mod!
  8. Yay! Thank you! Not sure what you meant about the CK, but I had SSEedit lying around on my desktop and was able to figure it out enough to remove the wood elf hands/feet from the armor and now they're there when I equip the armors.
  9. I'm having the issue where wearing the invisible armor removes my hands/feet (I'm playing a bosmer). I saw someone mention doing something in CK (I think that's Creation Kit?) but that's not something I have - had trouble trying to gain access to it last time I ran into an issue that suggested its use and was then told to not bother with it. Has anyone come up with another fix or have a patch or something they could share?
  10. Unfortunately, this didn't work for me. My game also refused to start after installing this using Vortex. So I uninstalled and made sure the game ran normally. Then I tried manually installing the mod as you suggested but, again, the game refused to start. Oh, well. I mainly wanted it for the Alternate Start options. Maybe I'll try again in a few months.
  11. I was trying to find this the other day but the file is no longer available where it's linked in this thread. Is it still available elsewhere? (Should I not be replying to a thread marked as "solved" even though it's the same issue?)
  12. I don't think it was a Vortex issue, though I can't say as I really understand how anything works. In any case, I finished playing through the content on this new character/profile and everything went smoothly (other than the minor hiccup with the lift) - not a single CTD!
  13. Thank you! I was also stuck at the lift, despite having edited my skyrim.ini file. Downloading the mod you recommended worked for me, too (though I went with the esl version). ☺️
  14. Yes, I have the latest version (1.06). I did start a new game in a different profile in Vortex this weekend and decided to enable this mod for that profile to see how it went, and there's no CTD on load there (lots of random CTD's otherwise, but disabling the mod didn't seem to have any impact on them). It's hardly definitive, but it might not have liked me installing mid-playthrough on the other profile. I'm going to try making my way to actually content of the mod. Will let you know if I encounter any issues there.
  15. Thanks so much! That did the trick. 😃
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