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How to turn a transformation piece into equipable armor.

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I'm trying to turn the animated tail from succubus race lite into a piece of armor any character can equip.


I went into TESEdit, created a new copy of the tail file for the armor section and changed some values, gave it a sell price, armor tags, changed the bodyslot to 48 (I think that's what another tail armor uses but I don't remember the exact slot), made it use daedric materials, set the keywords (I used another equippable tail mod as my example).


But when i equip it in game it is invisible. So I know something went wrong, or I have to do something with nifscope (which i am not experienced with).


I was hoping somebody could teach me how to turn the animated tail into an item i can equip. In the original mod it only appears with the succubus transformation, but I want it to always be around basically. Furthermore, no other equipabble tail mod has anything close to this tail. There are HDT tails, there are succubus tails, this is the only HDT succubus tail I have found.


Mesh file attached to this as well as my modified ESP (which labels the new item as "Animated Tail equippable" or something to that effect.)


Link to Succubus mod it came from (and I highly recommend it. It's a personal favorite.)



I want to know where I am going wrong or what steps I need to take to make this dream come true.

AnimatedHDTTail_01.rar SuccubusRaceLiteModified.rar


EDIT: OMG! I figured it out on my own. I'm so happy.


For people wondering how to do a similar thing here's what I forgot or had to figure out:

1. Also had to change the slot in nifscope for the mesh. I made it a new mesh file and dropped it in the mod files alongside the original mesh. I then made the appropriate changes to the modified armor so it would be using the new mesh file.

2. Also had to make an armor addon file in Tesedit. And make sure the armor was properly connected to the armor addon. I don't remember the specific option, but if I get a chance I'll update this to be more specific as to which setting that was. But it's pretty obvious if you look at other armors as an example.

3. Would be a good idea for my dumb self to remember to put ".nif" at the end of the file address in tesedit lol.


I think that's all I was actually missing.

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31 minutes ago, Aki K said:

But when i equip it in game it is invisible.

It could be the Partitions . If the error was here, you should still open TES5Edit (one with the mod you want to edit) and the other with the Succubus race ESP. This way, you should be able to spot any partitions errors


Or, you should try re-texturing with Nifskope    How to apply Textures  .  You should maybe generate a separate folder where you can paste the textures of the queue into it. In this way, you automatically remove the requirement that you have installed Succubus


34 minutes ago, Aki K said:

I went into TESEdit,


probably, is it possible to have missed something?    How to add parts in the armature  

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2 hours ago, Aki K said:

changed the bodyslot to 48


2 hours ago, Aki K said:

But when i equip it in game it is invisible.


I haven't checked it, but my guess is that a different slot than 48 is used in the Nif for the NiTriShape.
The easiest way to solve this problem is to make the Nif neutral. With the following steps


1. Make a backup of the Nif - I know very helpful
2. Open the nif with a nifscope
3. Find the NiTrishape in the block list (by default the upper left window)
4. Expand the NiTriShape display to see the ChildNodes. An arrow should be there for this - just left-click to open everything
5. NiTriShapeData, BSDismemberSkinInstance and BSLightingShaderProperty should now be visible in the list.
We're only interested in BSDismemberSkinInstance.
6. Right click on BSDismemberSkinInstance -> Block -> Convert -> NiSkinInstance.
After clicking Convert it can happen that nothing appears. Switch to the full screen mode of Nifskope. The rendering of the menus is a bit strange at this point.

7. Save the Nif.


From now on, only the Armor Addon slot and the Armor will define which slot this Nif uses. Finished.


PS: I'm not a fan of Rar because it's not free. Maybe 7zip would be a good alternative. ;)
Anyway. I still downloaded your Nif and changed it as described above. It should now be neutral. For information, slot 40 was the setting. Have fun.


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I want to thank everyone for the advise. I was able to figure it out before seeing these messages as my edit shows, but I still learned a lot that I didn't know from the answers.


4 hours ago, Andy14 said:


PS: I'm not a fan of Rar because it's not free. Maybe 7zip would be a good alternative. ;)

I am not a very tech skilled person lol. But I am under the impression that .rar has an unlimited free trial, just an annoying pop-up message or a few locked features until paid for. I'm not a technical person so what it has is good enough for me.


Even so, I will try to remember to use 7zip as the format in the future for those who choose not to use it if 7zip is a more generally convenient format.

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