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Doors not on lots after game update.

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Hey ya'll, just wanted to make sure if it's just me having this issue as google couldn't give me an answer. After the update doors are gone from the lots I go to. When I try to put new ones in, a red box over appears over the cursor saying "script call failure" or something along those lines. I've tried repairing the game but no luck and I don't have any CC doors. Is anyone else has this issue? I'll be taking out some mods to see if it helps but I have idea what it could be.


If anyone has some extra info on this, it would be much appreciated. 

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4 hours ago, wallawalla said:

You saved me from a lot of searching greatly appreciate it!


just doing what little bits i can as a thank you to the many on here that have helped greatly enrich my Sims experience (unfortunately at the expense of a now hemorrhaging Mods folder). 

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