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  1. Cool cool, I'm not too concerned with burnout (right now) @TriggerBlade. I'm more so trying to gage who are peoples favourites so I can plop them down and set them up. All the Strangerville sims are for sure going to be included. I love all my Albertan Hillbillies, I find it really funny you like Audra as I based her off someone who cat fished me! 😆 I have plans to even make an addition to the Strangerville sims that ties in with Vampires and Paranormal. A particular investigative duo from pop culture. *hint hint wink wink* Also a few Realm of Magic Sims. Not for everyone, but I'll be adding in the Goblins as magic teachers because I think that would be fun. The Monday upload will also add to Nichola's circle as well, all of whom will have extended families as well. And I really like them too, so I hope everyone does as well. And some final input I need is that I'm updating Nichola as well. I know I make different styles of her but some folks (myself included) tend to put them inworld as sisters. Would everyone else prefer I do that giving them new names and reupload them as a household?
  2. Okay, the next up date for reloaded sims and the second upload should be up on Monday. I'll be building a save file as I work on the reloaded sims. With the amount there, I won't be able to include each one in world and might just use some as service sims or not in world. I have some ideas for the ones that will be in world. Are there any that ya'll would in world?
  3. The only one I've ever had trouble with was Ky's Aspiration, the rest I've never noticed an issue with so I wasn't even aware it was causing others problems. As for roBurky, god damn I used to scour through each sim folder I extract to make sure it wasn't there and that fucker would still end up in uploads 🙄 Also thanks for sticking around so long.
  4. Ah, so it's what I normally do 😆 Okay, I'll put one in the works and release it when I'm done updating the older uploads.
  5. Whoops just saw this one. It's been asked before the answer is unfortunately no. I'm just keeping up with maintaining the sims let alone the a save file (not too sure on the logistics of that.). I am considering uploading some lots on the upcoming second upload page now that, I think, I'm getting better at building. I tend to use lots form the gallery and search the town in the hashtag and find what I like.
  6. Quoted Comment Not disrespectful at all, in fact I do appreciate it a lot. I'm hoping to address most of these soon with the reuploads/updates. I'm hoping to get to updating sims from the larger main upload page. Just going up the list from older uploads. I personally haven't had a problem with Jackboog21's aspirations or Kawaii Stace's trait bundle, but I will stop using them as well and use just what the vanilla provides. Hopefully it will help to future proof the uploads a bit. The Adult Traits provide the Nymphomaniac and Horny traits, I no longer use it and it will be removed from reuploads/updates. I stopped using Ky's Aspirations after I realized that it screwed up older sims. This was a big mistake on my part and I apologise for that. I should made a post addressing it, but it has slipped my mind. I believe there are a few relationships for sims that aren't set correctly, another reason why I'm going them all. I use a lot of these sims to fill up neighbourhoods and sometimes don't play them so I don't notice. As for some sims not having skills or careers set for them, it comes down to two things with me; one being not wanting to impose too much on players and the second is that I have a clearer vision for some sims more so than others. I prefer just leaving a general blurb for sims and leaving the rest for the player's imagination to customize for their play style. For me, it's the best part of The Sims and I wasn't sure if I was taking anything from anyone. If having everything/most things set up is preferable I will most certainly do that for now on. As for some not having full descriptions, I tend to do this with larger households and, honestly, rushing. For now on, I'll put descriptions and traits in text below the comic page. Otherwise it won't me legible if I try to put it Comic Life. Thank you, @TriggerBlade for bringing these points to everyone's attention. I do make these sims for all of you and I want them to be the best they can be. If there is anything else that anyone has noticed, please let me know. I'd rather fix things up within the week of upload than months later and I'm bound to make mistakes in the future. It will help me out immensely. I'll add it to the list to watch out for here on out. I'll also add a warning to the main page about outdated traits and aspirations to prevent new uploaders from falling into the same trap. Like I've said before, seeing the uploads do so well gave me a big emotional boost during a shitty year and I want to pay that back as best as I can. Seems stupid considering all I did was make little sex dolls for people; but it saved me from dropping out of university (again...) and gave me confidence to nail a job interview and work a career I love. I owe it to all of you to improve: so always leave criticism if you have any. I will never consider it rude (I always give comments the benefit of the doubt that English isn't someone's first language) and if my feelings are hurt; it's better than causing inconvenience to so many people.
  7. Tossed up some more updated sims. Still haven't figured out finger/toe nails yet for new sims but they are in the works.
  8. Hey everyone, been a bit busy with work so haven't much chance to upload anything. I also wanted time to figure out some CC with the new nails update. It'll take me a bit of time to figure it out.
  9. Walla Walla Sims RELOADED View File Updating/reloading some old sims to consolidate it one place with hopefully less junk cc left in older downloads unintentionally. OLDER DOWNLOAD PAGES WILL BE DELETED. Follow the thread here for pictures, comments, and updates. Here are the sims that have been updated: People of the City 1 People of the City 2 People of the City 3 Sulani Sims Sulani Mermaids Submitter wallawalla Submitted 09/04/2021 Category The Sims 4 - Sims Requires  
  10. Version 1.1.0


    Updating/reloading some old sims to consolidate it one place with hopefully less junk cc left in older downloads unintentionally. OLDER DOWNLOAD PAGES WILL BE DELETED. Follow the thread here for pictures, comments, and updates. Here are the sims that have been updated: People of the City 1 People of the City 2 People of the City 3 Sulani Sims Sulani Mermaids CC Credit List
  11. Here's the first round of updated/reloaded sims. Mostly skin and hair, some are unchanged as I like how they turned out. I combined the Sulani residents. I made a household for a chief of the Sulani Natives. Each of the Sulani Natives have a spellcaster in their households as a spiritual leader.
  12. Okay last upload for the page. Keep an eye out for the two new pages coming out soon. Please note for the upload page that I'll be consolidating older pages into one and deleting the older ones.
  13. Mine actually started as my "sim self". It didn't actually turn out very well and I hated it 😅 So I switched the sex for the hell of it and I thought to myself, "Shit she's kind of cute.". She still remains to be my favourite hence why she ends up being the mascot for my uploads.
  14. Okay ya'll I have some plans in the work. So to avoid too much clutter on one download page, I'll be releasing one more batch on the main download page then make a new one. I'll also be making a second download page to overhaul some of my sims and to clean up others from previous series. I'll be updating a few of my favourites. When I'm complete a series, I'll upload them to the Overhaul page and delete the older pages to keep things a bit neater. I'm also doing this because there are a lot of files that I didn't intend to be in the files, like Roburky emotional inertia and old WW files, that I want to clean up. I can't quite say when this will happen as I'll be starting up my apprenticeship soon, but it will be some time in September. If you have any suggestions for sims in the new download page or sims you would like me to overhaul, leave a comment! In the mean time, here are a few of my favourites that I started updating.
  15. Love seats are smaller couches that are meant for 2 people I believe.
  16. Life is a bit crazy right now, but here are some new folks for ya'll! Also, need some opinions; is the main download page becoming a bit bloated? I was thinking of starting a new page to keep the clutter down. Is that something people would like or is it better to keep using the same page? Let me know!
  17. I've made some here and there on my main sim download page. One is named Maria Rodriguez and the other is Ciera Valasquez. You can expect a few more not in the up coming batch but the next one. nam
  18. It does still work. It's been a while since I've used it and took it out my game for the same reason. I used to go back to the download page to see if was updating seemed like it hasn't been in a while.
  19. I'm afraid it isn't. I think Sacrificial has abandoded Extreme Violence and Hoe it up completely or is even making Sims 4 mods for that matter.
  20. I put them all in the world as sisters. Oddly enough I also renamed one of them to Natalia (The artsy one if I remember).
  21. Many do it so I think you should be okay.
  22. Hey ya'll just been busy with work (at last until the 30th) and I've hit a bit of a creative block. I'm hoping to get a batch ready sometime in August.
  23. You saved me from a lot of searching greatly appreciate it!
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