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  1. just doing what little bits i can as a thank you to the many on here that have helped greatly enrich my Sims experience (unfortunately at the expense of a now hemorrhaging Mods folder).
  2. it's a Basemental Drugs glitch. just remove it until they have a chance to update.
  3. i love how your makeovers bring life back to (previously) doomed townies...
  4. it's funny... i have to keep adding back in sims that i'd deleted from my world!
  5. you have changed her into someone i actually know! amazing transformation.
  6. i'm thinking there may be a glitch in the Simatrix. i've had to occasionally walk a sim out of a room point by point over the past week (sure, TPing would be faster and easier, but i try to see if it's still possible to walk out from the room. since it's still possible at least i know it's not due to overlapping tiles).
  7. i have a feeling this Santa doesn't have a beard... anywhere. (tyvm)
  8. as a person with a Mods folder bursting at its virtual seams, i would like to, genuinely, thank you for choosing informative thumbnails. SO much easier to find than trying to guess from a picture (not to mention how it makes it easier to find outdated, broken or just plain ugly files for deletion, though creators including their brand or name on thumbnails would help as well). so, that would be two thank yous that i owe...
  9. every creation has an amazing amount of work, even love, put into it. townie remakes, original works. they really bring a lot of life to my Sim world(s).
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