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  1. what you really want there is the costume made for Raquel Welch for the film One Million Years BC. it's iconic enough it would surprise me to find someone hasn't created it yet. (which may or may not be a hint to any lurking creators...)
  2. they always are, whether as NPCs, random or assigned, or in active households. they add a great deal to my world(s). oddly, however, not a one of them has ever turned up in a randomly generated service job - butler, nanny, maid, etc - though some (Nadia Farrah especially) would seem downright stalkerish if not for the fact they just show up to "populate and participate" whatever lots. equally odd, a growing household in Oasis Springs seem to keep to themselves. it could be due to their name Abandoned Redheads, but, nah...
  3. nothing ever slows me down from jumping into the Sims... then these last four women came up. i'm not going in until they can come in with me.
  4. in case anyone wondered, the mod above (for Good Schools trait) appears to not be broken or outdated (yet). and helpful as well. it's definitely an area where Maxis/EA have really failed the Sims. packs and activities for toddlers, children and adults, animals even, things that draw them in, but very little (ie: nothing) for teens. restless teens at that. in a strange way, i suppose it makes the Sims just that much more life-like; i once spent forever building a teen rec center, games, activities, etc. and not one teen was so much as interested. doesn't get much more true to life than that sort of teen disinterest.
  5. i would just like to thank you for your patience and persistence in this thread. i've been following along to see if it addressed my problem. it did, yet didn't at the same time. i've downloaded the update at least twice since it came out, yet i continually received fatal errors. now, if i had been paying proper attention, it may have become apparent much sooner just what my fatal error was... i hadn't bothered to check my version (i mean, really, why should i when i've downloaded the new one, re-downloaded later just to be sure) but that wasn't what the actual fatal error was. it was actually a definite PEBCAK error, though i have no idea why it existed for just this one file. i hope. somehow i managed to, not once, but (at least) twice download the NWP, probably unzip it, yet neglect to add it to my mods folder...
  6. oh, gawd... there goes the diet my mod folder was on.
  7. i'll bet 100 simoleons that there's already a mod (mad?) scripter looking into it. i've made incorrect assumptions in the past, but this seems like a pretty sure bet.
  8. just doing what little bits i can as a thank you to the many on here that have helped greatly enrich my Sims experience (unfortunately at the expense of a now hemorrhaging Mods folder).
  9. it's a Basemental Drugs glitch. just remove it until they have a chance to update.
  10. it's funny... i have to keep adding back in sims that i'd deleted from my world!
  11. i'm thinking there may be a glitch in the Simatrix. i've had to occasionally walk a sim out of a room point by point over the past week (sure, TPing would be faster and easier, but i try to see if it's still possible to walk out from the room. since it's still possible at least i know it's not due to overlapping tiles).
  12. i have a feeling this Santa doesn't have a beard... anywhere. (tyvm)
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