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Requeriments to start Modding TK17 VX?


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I tried installing DPVX 16 repack, But the skins of the characters don't seem to work I always get a black patch on the face.

there's no eyebrow and the iris of eyes is out of place the nipples don't align.

Even doing a clean Installs I can't manage to work.


I can't find a compreensive guide to how to mod the game, So I need some help



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DP16's repack is very customized version of the game.  While there are some nice features there, if your coming in new I suggest you start with the base install.  The majority of our tutorials including our comprehensive install guide is on the main site: www.klubexile.com


There you will find some beginner tutorial videos on modding if you are trying to move in that direction.


Sorry to point you in another direction but we had to start an independent site to be able to add the features we need.  LL is great but we are limited here.  That said we simply use this space as a "less moderated" waiting room where we have legacy (old) addons in packs.

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