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Naked Defeat 3-0 full (SE)_Voice.7z

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Naked Defeat 3-0 full (SE)_Voice.7z

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Naked Defeat 3-0 full (SE)_Voice.7z


Voice pack to give voice to NPCs


Mod located:




For Skyrim SE install voice pack as is

For Skyrim LE extract "sound" folder to mod folder

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17 hours ago, Duncan Idaho said:


No, I stopped using Naked Defeat. Good mod but I needed to downsize. I ended up switching over to Ostim/Osex and using ODefeat. 

Thanks for the update. I am running both SL and OStim, I wanna run full OStim but... no creature stuff yet. And I don't care for like... Skeevers and all that stuff, but the draugr and what not I want an outcome for it all. As soon as even just a handful of creature anims make their way over, I'll probably go full send on the oStim setup. I've currently gone to BakaDefeat for combat, but oStim for all non combat related stuff

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