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SE slows to crawl when >5 NPCs on screen..

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Out of the 5 NPCs...

3 female in mod clothes. (Same clothes I have used for years)

2 male in vanilla


and PC in vanilla armor.


Not sure what my FPS is, a guess would be 2-3 FPS. When I finally make it to a door, and enter an empty cell, all is running fine. This repeats in ANY location when more than a handful of NPC are loaded into the same cell as me, be it indoor or out.


Have not loaded anything new except a few SLAL updates (Billyy and Znarock).


Where should I be looking for a fix?

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Do you use HDT-SMP with a premade config and apply it to multiple NPCs? That kind of performance hit is common because of that, you can check the bugs reported for HDT-SMP over the skyrim se nexus. You can try using the console command smp reset, if the performance goes back to normal at least for a while then that's the issue.

The ultimate solution would be to tweak the config files to account for your own system specifications, the workaround would be apply the same premade config to less NPCs instead of multiple ones. That's why mods like CBBE 3BA or BHUNP contain spells/hotkeys to individually enable SMP in the selected NPCs.

Edit: ok, there might be another workaround as I recall there is an updated smp dll and it seems to have better performance than the one available on the nexus. But this is all assuming your issue is related to smp, so try the console command first to see if this is the case for you.

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1 hour ago, Just Don't said:

so try the console command first to see if this is the case for you.


"smp reset" worked like a charm! For a while. :thumbsup:


I dl'd That .dll file from Karoner. Please point me in the direction of "What do I do with it?" 


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Well...you should be so lucky......... ;)


Nah. It's easy. If you use CBBE-3BBB or BHUNP, the associated MCM has a group of settings with a hotkey for the player and four hotkeys for the female NPCs affected by  the 3BBB body.


So first thing to do is set the hotkey to the key you want to use for your player and for affected NPCs. for me, that's F12 for the player and numpad keys 6,7,8, and 9, for NPC a, b, c, and d-cup response


this is for the BHUNP MCM, but the CBBE-3BBB MCM is identical in content (I use both fyi, but player uses CBBE-3BB which is why the player hotkey below doesn't correspond to what I said earlier.)



(the NPC C and D cup settings are missing in the snapshot, but that's just cuz I was lazy when I grabbed the snap shot a while back. the missing ones are simply down further on the menu


NPC cup response is up to you and at least in SMP mode can almost be thought of as a stiffness response setting, ie suppose your NPC has D cup breasts. Suppose you then choose SMP  A-cup response for her. she'll have firm response in SMP mode. But if you choose the fourth button (for me numpad 9) , then she'll have "normal" D-cup SMP response (when in SMP mode)... note: CBPC mode response defined by CBPC ini file or Sinful CBPC settings


Ok... SO...


You can then flip your player from CBPC mode to SMP mode using the first hotkey (or visa versa from SMP to CBPC (it toggle the control type)


Same for the NPCs. (except they are triggered by the extra four hotkeys


try targeting one of your female NPCS,, then, supposing for a sec you'd chosen as me, click the numpad key 6. The notifications bar (for me screen  upper left) will show which mode you've set for them, either SMP or CBPC mode.  click it again and it toggle the control paradigm from the active one to the other one. (ie If in SMP mode >> CBPC, if in CBPC mode >> SMP) 



Now, the "Cool" additional thing is that if your player's tits go wonky while in SMP mode, (which they will almost assuredly do at some point) you can just click her hotkey twice in rapid succession and most times the instability will disappear. First click sets it to CBPC mode, which should clean up the SMP instability, and then the second click reverts you to SMP mode with a clean slate on SMP. And the same for NPCs, with the exception that you want to use one of those other four keys you defined in the MCM


BUT!... Sometimes that's just not enough, at which point you can always use a console "SMP reset" for an HDT/SMP instability if the hotkeys won't fix it. but ime, 99/100 times the hotkeys clean things up. And just fyi, NPCs tits seem to go "wonky" more often than player. dunno why, they just do. at least for me. 


Hopefully that all made sense. Just do the MCM setup and try it, it will make sense once you do... or shortly thereafter.  And sorry for my rambling explanation., easy to see in my head, harder to express.

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