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Where i can find ready for modding Skyrim?

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49 minutes ago, pingerqa said:

Hello guys, where can i find ready for modding skyrim or already modded?

Shady places. Wabbajack is a thing, you may want to look into it. Just know there is a small disadvantage to using premade modlists; if at any point you want to change something, even one mod or setting, you're on your own. If you don't know what you're doing from a starting point, chances are you won't know how to tweak things in a ready-to-use scenario and it will likely result in problems.


49 minutes ago, pingerqa said:

All those guides are pretty hard for newcomer to understand :c

Not trying to self-promote here, but have you seen mine? It has pictures and step by step instructions to get the most basic things in place. I wrote it specifically to point new users into the right direction. Other than that your best choice would be videos explaining how to use each program (mod manager of choice, fnis, bodyslide, a bit of sse edit, etc.) and then the individual read-every-mod-description to get a similar result where you learn and install everything on your own.

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I'd say the best bet would be to watch videos on how to mod and how to use Mod Organizer, and also chekc guides that are uploaded by many users on the site here.

After a while, you'll start to get a basic understanding on how to go about modding your game.  I recommend actually learning how to mod before trying programs, such as Wabbajack, but I do believe Wabbajack has a package that allows you to download pretty much all of primarily required mods alone and nothing else, but those packages might be elsewhere too.


But anyway, I'd recommend starting with learning about what Mod Organizer is and how to use it.  After that, start following guides on what mods to get first and how to install them.

Then later you can learn how to use certain tool mods, such as BodySlide, FNIS, Nemesis, and more.


I started off by learning how to add weapon and armor mods into the game first, then followed guides afterwards.

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