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[SOLVED/NOT FOR END USER]WW 165d "invalid cum type event"

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After updating to 165c and then 165d, I now have a stack of these errors in my WW log:

[SEX_ANIMATIONS/WARN] [INVALID EVENT] Sex Animation 'Footjob on floor 1' by 'PZANIM' has invalid cum type event.

Is this a WW problem for Turbo to fix, or is this something for the animators to go back and change?

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I also get this for about ten animations.


From the devlog for WW v165 and v165d respectively:



  • Fixed visual effects and cum layers sometimes not ending up on the right Sim
  • Reimplemented displaying of cum on Sims
No more stuck cum layers on Sim's body! And, cum no longer becomes part of the Sim outfit, so it won't show up in CAS or when saving a Sim to the gallery.
  • Fixed not being able to apply 'Upper Back' cum layers

Two changes to the cum system, so I'd say this is some kind of compatibility issue. Probably easier to fix/change the animations rather than the mod, too.

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It just means the animator typed in something into the configuration file that cannot be recognized so it's ignored. It's not a problem, the animation still works as intended by the animator, nothing is broken, these are not errors. It would be cool if the animator corrected it but that's not necessary. These messages are for the animators, regular users have no reason to look at it.

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  • DarkAudit changed the title to [SOLVED/NOT FOR END USER]WW 165d "invalid cum type event"

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