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  1. Check your gender recognition settings (found in WW's settings > Sex). There's a general setting about how a Sim is assigned a gender (e.g. based on CAS gender settings or anything goes) as well as specific settings for recognizing males/females as both. Unfortunately, you can't choose to have female Sims only use a strapon / be the "male" in certain situations. For the strapon: Click your Sim > Wicked > Clothing (or whatever it's called, I'm currently playing in German) > Select strapon. If a strapon is present on ther mannequin, everything's fine, but if not, pick one from the "bottom clothing" category and exit like you would in normal CAS. Now, start sex and if there's still no strapon, go to the same submenu (while still having sex) and check if it says something like "allow use of strapon". If it does, click the option - the strapon should now appear and the option will have changed from "allow" to "forbid".
  2. You're welcome! With all the recent updates there were probably some changes to how buffs and textures are applied. 2.5 was a major overhaul and 2.6 was also a rather big update, so maybe something changed the way the bug "works". However, any textures applied to your Sim go away if you just don't play as them long enough, if I'm not mistaken. Way back, when I didn't know about unstucking ST Sims, I used to switch to another household - only to find my ST Sim walking into the club with a perfectly clean face five minutes later. One more thing about loosening the limits: You can turn off both the Attraction and Impressions/Personality features of WW in order to make it easier for your Sims. Both systems can really improve your experience if you like some serious relationship gameplay, but when you're more about sex or just appreciate how simple stuff works in vanilla TS4 (like me) they tend to get in the way. To balance things, you can also change sex autonomy to be higher or lower - I use low autonomy and "always accept" at half, which basically makes NPCs behave like vanilla Sims again, eliminates the need to almost marry them before any sex happens, and still respects stuff like gender preference and existing relationships.
  3. Weird. It did always work for me, when I had this exact same issue. Can't recreate the bug right now (because for some reason my game decided to work fine, haha), so I can't test it. Romatic interactions are indeed blocked by family. You can allow incest in WW's settings, though - should be under Relationships. If you have MC Command Center installed, you also need to allow incest in MCCC's Relationships or Woohoo module (don't know which one), accessed via any computer in-game (because it's in the global options). Sex without relationship requirements is actually pretty easy. Open WW's Settings > Sex > Cheats and enable "Always accept". Setting it to half means that things like gender preference are still a factor, setting it to full is "anything goes". MCCC also has a setting for "friendly Woohoo", IIRC. Strapons can either be forbidden on a per Sim basis - click on Sim during sex, navigate to the strapon option (under Undressing, I think) and select to forbid the use of a strapon - or by changing your gender recognition settings (specifically those that have males/females recognized as both). If you want full control over gender settings and everything, I'd recommend Custom Gender Settings by ColonolNutty (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/10563-custom-gender-settings-cgs-by-colonolnutty/). This mod allows you to set everything on a per Sim basis and also gives you more freedom than WW's options and the CAS gender settings.
  4. Are you using any skin CC like custom skin textures, overlays for more realism, etc? On an otherwise CC free Sim (vanilla skin, Maxis clothing) this tattoo should work just fine - at least it did on one of my Sims, about two days ago.
  5. What you have there is the "sobbing" effect from Nisa's Wicked Pervs - applied to any Sensually Tight Sim after sex and seperate from the "crying" effect, which can be disabled. For some reason, this texture gets applied regardless of any settings and tends to get stuck. To get rid of it, use a computer to open Tam Explorer, go into Wicked Pervs settings and find the option to unstuck ST Sims in the Debug menu.
  6. Either script mods are disabled (go into the game settings > "Other" and enable them) or you're playing TS4 Legacy Edition (which Wicked Pervs isn't compatoble with, sorry).
  7. First, your animations should be in a folder of their own within "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods". Most people just call it "Animations", but the name doesn't matter. Second, you want this foder to be directly within Mods and not buried too deep within other folders. A directory like "Mods/WickedWhims/Animations" will not be read by the game. Third, you only want .package files in there. If you've got some .rar or .zip archives, unpack them and only put the .package file(s) into "Mods/Animations".
  8. Do you play The Sims 4 Legacy Edition? Because if you do, Wicked Pervs will not work - it's not compatible with Legacy. If you don't play Legacy, go into the game settings and make sure that "script mods" are enabled. CAS stuff falls under "custom content", while prostitution and the Tam Explorer are gameplay elements that need scripts to be enabled, too.
  9. Have you already tried downloading the files from both LoversLab and the download section of wickedwhimsmod.com (the mod homepage)? There's two additional download sources over there, maybe one of them works for you. Also, if you haven't tried downloading with Firefox, do so. From my experience, it's the browser giving me the fewest issues with downloads (actually only when my internet connection breaks down). Finally, check your antivirus / security software. If it killed off or deleted your download, there shoould be a notification or log entry.
  10. Well, if it's 100 script mods, then yeah. If you want everything to run smoothly, you have to keep your script mods up to date. And if WW receives an update, all mods depending on WW might need to be updated, too, in order to radapt to the changes made to WW. On the other hand, custom content like clothes usually only receives an update, when the creator wants to add new swatches or improve quality. Broken furniture CC can sometimes cause eissues, but this is really something you don't need to worry about until it happens. Finally, some script mods are not affected by game updates that much. I have a few of these, mostly related to rabbit hole jobs/careers, and while they didn't receive any updates for some time, they're still working fine. If you're rather lazy (like me), just keep an eye on those major gameplay mods like WickedWhims, MC Command Center and Basemental Drugs, update them regularly and only care about the others when any issues pop up.
  11. If you haven't updated WW since September, these errors probably pop up due to some other mod that uses WW's features (e.g. Nisa's Wicked Perversions or Kinky Whims by ColonolNutty). It's best to generally keep everything up to date - the game itself, WickedWhims and all other mods you have. Game updates can sometimes break mods, though, so ideally update everything at the same time (i.e. once updates for all of your mods are also available).
  12. Wicked Whims apparently notices some duplicate files among your mods (this is from "WickedWhimsInfoLog"): While you shouldn't have duplicate mod files in general, those with "default" in their name especially caught my eye - because they could conflict with WW, which has default body parts of its own (so remove them and keep only those that are non-default). Pheromonal Flower buff comes from Nisa's Wicked Perversions, so maybe update that mod. If all else fails, you can always resort to testing all of your mods. You start by moving all mod files out of your Mods folder and deleting "localthumbcache.package" found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4", then you put a few of your mod files back into Mods. I'd recommend starting with WW (plus animations), MCCC, Basemental Drugs, Wicked Pervs and the mods by ColonolNutty - those are well tested and they usually work fine (if everything is up to date). Now, you start the game and check whether the issue pops up again. If it does, one of the mods you just added causes it, so test them one by one (remember to delete "localthumbcache" every time you make changes to your Mods folder). If everything's alright, you can add another bunch of mods. I usually start with other script/gameplay mods, then build mode stuff, body parts and details, and finally CAS items like clothing, but that's entirely up to you. Just keep the number of files managable and don't add too many at once. Browsing through groups of 20 files a couple times is way easier than browsing through 200 files. Between additions, you start the game again and look for the issue. Repeat this until you have tested all mod files. Those that give you trouble need to be moved out of Mods again, of course. Once you're done, get updates for these broken mods, if possible - otherwise just delete them and look for alternatives.
  13. Can you start solo action with one Sim and then ask the other to join in? I had similar issues in the past and found this to be a 99% workaround.
  14. To fix it, try removing that single other body mod you have. It's most likely a default replacement and conflicts with WW (which has a DR of its own). I had the same issue once with Luumia's nude tops, removing the DR file (which is usually called something like "default" or "DR" for easy identification) fixed it.
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