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  1. Does it look like the picture in this thread? If so, it's from Nisa's Wicked Perversions and you need to use the debug options found in the "Tam Explorer" menu to fix Sims with the Sensually Tight trait. Alternatively (or if the debug option doesn't work for whatever reason), you can remove Wicked Pervs from your Mods folder temporarily, delete "localthumbcache.package" (found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4") and then start the game to save it once without mod. Be warned that you will lose any progress related to Wicked Pervs and have to start over from zero after you add it back into Mods (remember to delete "localthumbcache" again).
  2. The live cam channel is something your Sims can do in their spare time, no matter their actual job. It also doesn't change anything about the AEP career, which is still a rabbit hole job like most of the vanilla ones. IIRC, streaming a session can show up as a daily task on lower career levels, but the job at AEP itself is not playable (at least not in the public version - don't know about the one for supporters on Patreon). Photoshoot invitations are tied to the number of followers on your Sim's live cam channel. Once the number of followers surpasses a certain threshold (I don't know the exact value), you will start seeing those invitations every now and then.
  3. Unless that height gives you greater range of sight/fire, but implementing that is usually not in the scope of an RPG (because physics are complicated stuff). Aside from that, the entire "higher ground" stuff seems to me like someone wants to appear very smart after reading exactly one book on ancient or medieval warfare - e.g. The Art Of War or De Bello Gallico (I think, the advantages and disadvantages of terrain are probably mentioned in every one of them, at least to some minor extent). Just to be clear, there is some form of advantage that comes with higher ground (not having the disadvantage of fighting an uphill battle), but that advantage is a different one for every type of weapon (and none for spells, because magic). This is really something for strategy games like the modern XCOM titles, where you just put your sniper somewhere up high, then scout ahead and kill stuff from a distance. Like BGT/EET did for the transition into BG2? It sure was nice to have all the effort from the first game pay off (especially for Jaheira and Viconia, giving you healers that could survive on their own). However, since Throne Of Bhaal had an actual ending (with some text about your party members' lives afterwards and all that), BG3 would have probably been a rather new story anyway (and maybe using 3e rules, like IWD2 did). Or we would have gone east with Minsc, yet another character more memorable than all of those in BG3 combined.
  4. It's a bug that is related to either badly tagged CC or the game messing things up again. In any case, WickedWhims has a neat console command that should fix the issue for you. Simply bring up the console (Ctrl+Shift+C) and enter ww.fix_all_sims_nude_outfit to deal with all affected Sims in your game at once.
  5. AFAIK, WickedWhims and Devious Desires cannot be used simultaneously, so that's probably the cause for Nisa's Wicked Pervs throwing WW-related exceptions. If you want to use Wicked Pervs, remove DD as well as Sims 4 Community Lib and Mod Settings Menu (unless you need one of those for another mod you have installed).
  6. The last update back in July changed some stuff about photoshoots and poses. Some new ones by other creators were made available for use during the sessions, maybe those replaced the ones you are missing. I have only played one or two photoshoots since and I was more interested in the new poses, so I didn't really pay attention to the "old" ones. From the changelog:
  7. According to your error log, everything involved with Nisa's Wicked Pervs (Wicked Whims, Basmental Drugs, the game itself) is outdated and probably not equally so (meaning that those outdated mod versions are not compatible with each other and the game version that you have). It would be best to update first, then tackle whatever issues might be present. You can start with just the game plus WW and some animations, BMD, Wicked Pervs, and if you have it, MC Command Center. These should all work fine together and everything else goes out of the Mods folder for now. Remember to delete "localthumbcache.package", found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4", whenever you make changes to your Mods folder. Custom content like clothes, furniture and all that rarely causes serious trouble. Custom stuff that has an actual purpose in-game (e.g. showers, beds) can sometimes become broken, but script mod issues are more common by far.. You can often ignore those files when looking for broken mods, so if everything works fine with the above minimum set-up, you can put all of them back into Mods at once (and remember to delete "localthumbcache"). Start the game again for a quick test afterwards, just to be safe. Now, you should be left with only your script mods and maybe some minor tweaks for reduced celebrity reactions and the likes. These should not be put back into Mods at once, but instead either in batches of a handful each time or by using the 50/50 method - half of what's left goes in; test; if no issues, continue with half of what's left now; else, swap halves. Both approaches save you a lot of time when testing your mods, so just pick whichever you prefer.
  8. Have you enabled both "custom content and mods" and "script mods" in the game settings? Sounds to me like you're missing the script part entirely, while stuff and tuning work fine.
  9. Something prevents WW from accessing the data stored in the saves folder. Since OneDrive doesn't seem to be involved (assuming that the file paths in the log can be trusted), I guess it's your antivirus software. Whitelisting both your game install folder (e.g. "C;/Program Files/Origin/The Sims 4", or wherever else you installed it) and the TS4 folder in Documents ("Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4") should do the trick.
  10. It's definitely tied to the number of fans - and if I wasn't too lazy to search through all of the changelogs, I could tell you the actual number (it was changed last year or so).
  11. MCCC does have that option (click any computer in-game > MCCC Settings > Gameplay Settings > Maximum Household Size) and allows you to go up to 100 IIRC. To edit Sims beyond the regular eight ones, you need to use the "Modify in CAS" option that can be found in MCCC when clicking on a Sim, because CAS can't handle more than eight Sims. Also keep in mind that a game patch can cause problems with "oversized" households, if MCCC hasn't been updated as well.
  12. First of all, update your game to version 1.80, so WW doesn't cause you any trouble. Now, the "acting part" is just some job your Sims can work in and there is no active gameplay (unless you count building skills and completing daily tasks at home to earn a promotion faster). Your Sims will just leave for work and return after finishing their shift - same as Astronauts, Criminals or any other rabbit hole workplace. The studio is for photo sessions and you can just go there whenever you like, although you will have to pay for the session. If you do some live cam sessions and have your Sim gain followers that way (not sure, but you need quite a few, IIRC), you will eventually see a phone message pop up that says something along the lines of "an adult magazine has invited you to take part in a photo session" (you won't have to pay for that session, of course).
  13. Gender recognition is for assigning roles in animations, i.e. selecting who is "giving" and who is "receiving". This affects which animations are available to which Sims. Your problem however is related to gender preferences, i.e. the sexual orientation of your Sims. There are a few things you can do to about it. - You can simply force WW to ignore any limitation regarding sex. Go into Settings > Sex > Cheats and set "Always accept" to "full". - You can have WW ignore gender preferences. Go into Settings > Sex > Interactions and disable the option for respecting gender preferences (my game is in German, so I don't know the exact name of that option right now). - You can adjust the preferences of your Sims. This is done via console commands, which can be found here: https://wickedwhimsmod.com/relationships-gender-preference
  14. Do you have any merged .package files that came with a Sim you downloaded? Those sometimes contain files from script mods along with all the CC. Also, what about the nameless .package file right above "Resource.cfg"? Looks a little suspicious to me. If all else fails and nobody comes up with a better idea, you might have to 50/50 through your files to find the duplicates. Luckily, you have everything neatly organized in folders, so you can just move them around instead of the individual files. To start, take about half of them out of your Mods folder (but not WW, obviously), delete "localthumbcache.package". found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4", and start the game. If WW still complains about duplicates, swap the halves and try again (remember "localthumbcache"). If there is no warning, add half of the stuff that you just moved out of your Mods folder, delete "localthumbcache" and run the game again. If it works, add more - if it doesn't, swap the batch you added last with what is left outside of Mods. Keep repeating these steps to narrow it down to one single folder (ideally), then closely inspect its contents (or continue as above, now with individual files).
  15. The only settings you need to change are the ones that allow females to be in male roles during sex animations. This can either be done by setting the gender recognition mode to "anything goes" (which also allows males in female roles) or by using the override for recognizing male roles as "both" (this will only allow females in male roles and not the other way around). The strap-ons just need to be placed inside your Mods folder - applying them in CAS will have no effect (because of Sims undressing during sex). They will show up automatically, whenever they are needed (i.e. when a female Sim is in a male role), so just have two female Sims use some "M+F" animation and you should see a strap-on.
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