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  1. You should be able to set skill levels for naturism etc. with MC Command Center. If you already have MCCC, remember to update it first, and also delete "localthumbcache.package", found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4", just to be safe.
  2. Your game version is outdated. Install the latest patch and remember to delete "localthumbcache.package", found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4".
  3. Update Nisa's Wicked Perversions and remember to delete "localthumbcache.package", found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4", whenever you make changes to your Mods folder.
  4. You can just create a male Sim and make him a registered escort/prostitute, or you can bring up the console with Ctrl+Shift+C and enter "nisa.slutify" (without the quotes, of course) to set 10 random Sims in your game (5 male, 5 female) as escorts/prostitutes. Prostitution in Wicked Pervs works the same for all eligible Sims (teens or older), regardless of gender or anything else.
  5. These show up in nearly every LE for me, along with WW and MCCC. It's not always all of them, but at least one or two seem to be affected every time, which is no surprise, especially for LEs that happen when the game loads a save or a particular lot (because WW loads sex-related stuff, MCCC does its thing, and so on). I actually ignore these four mods in LEs, at least when I'm certain that I have updated them. Looking at your LE report, I see mods by LittleMsSam that might be outdated (or not, if the latest patches didn't break them) and "Meaningful Stories" which has received its last update following the 1.79 patch (we're now at 1.81). Removing these from your Mods folder temporarily might save you the effort of having to 50/50 through all of your mod files. Just move the files for those mods to some other location (like a folder on your Desktop) and run the game to see if that helps. Remember to delete "localthumbcache.package", found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4", whenever you make changes to your Mods folder. If that doesn't do the trick, you'll have test all of your mods using 50/50 or similar methods, but if the game works fine without those mods (i.e. there's no LE popping up), you only need to test that handful of files, which is done much quicker, even if you test the mods one by one. Again, remember to delete "localthumbcache".
  6. Wasn't that a joke version number for some public BMD version some time ago? In any case, make sure that BMD as well as all of your other mods are up to date and remember to delete "localthumbcache.package", found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4", whenever you make changes to your Mods folder or the game itself.
  7. As usual, whenever I'm trying to test this, I don't get an invitation at all. Going there and testing it with a self-paid photoshoot worked fine, however. To me, that sounds as if the studio lot is not working correctly. Enter Build mode from the world screen and make sure that the lot is both set to Photo Studio and meets all the requirements. For the receptionist, you need the front desk from Get To Work and "Joliette" desk chair, IIRC (chair might have been for RedAppleNet only). I have had Sims steal stuff from several lots in my game, thanks to Eco Living NAPs, and it broke quite a few of them. Did you remember to delete "localthumbcache.package", found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4", and make sure that both "custom content & mods" and "script mods" are enabled in the game settings? Error code 123 is a bit of a weird one in my experience, but a rather consistent one (so it should also show up when your Sim just travels to the lot without an invitation). Sometimes it is apparently due to a broken mod or leftover files from an uninstalled one, sometimes it seems to be the game itself that is causing the issue. I would recommend the usual steps: Trying a game repair via Origin/Steam, starting a new game for testing purposes, running the game with only AEP in your Mods folder (remember to delete "localthumbcache").
  8. I just tested it again with the latest version of both the game and WW. Evicting the household that owns a business (any business, including a strip club) will make that business available for purchase again (although you will lose the furniture in the strip club, because the "furnished" option is not available for some reason), while keeping all existing relationships and the likes intact (because your Sims were only evicted, not killed, culled or manually deleted). They will behave like any other household that doesn't occupy a house or apartment and can easily be moved onto a residential lot again from the Household Management window (use the cheat "freerealestate on", if they can't afford their former home). When playing with that household, it will be as if they had just moved into the neighborhood, so expect the welcome wagon and all that. The fully furnished strip club can be placed from the Gallery, after purchasing the lot again (although your Sims will need the money for the changes in Build mode, so it may be time for the "motherlode" cheat). You can have the lot bulldozed when buying it, doesn't matter. As a final step, you'll have to hire all of the employees again, assign spots for lapdances and so on, but that is quickly done.
  9. This happens, when the piercings are intended for one nude top (like some version of EVE) and the current Sim uses another nude top (like WW default, TIT-E or another version of EVE). It can also happen the other way round with the piercing being invisible in CAS because it is "inside" the breast. Haven't seen that myself yet, but strange stuff like this is usually due to bad/broken custom content. Try to find out what all cases of this have in common, but bear in mind that it could be pretty much anything. If it happens with an otherwise nude Sim (so no shoes, accessoires, makeup,...), its either the dress itself or some override/default replacement. The latter can't be modified in-game, so you'll need to go into your Mods folder and find them there (I recommend the good old 50/50 method or a similar approach).
  10. Have you tried evicting your household from the current residential lot via the world screen (click the three dots in the bottom right corner)? Kicking Sims out of their houses should also end their ownership of any business, IIRC. If all else fails, you can always save the owner household to the gallery through CAS (so you can re-import later) and then delete it through the household management window (top right, next to the gallery in the world overview). Without any owner present in your current game, the lot should become available/changeable again, as unowned lots have infinite funds in Build mode. Once it works again, place your owner household back into the game or buy the club with some other Sim. Be warned that both of these approaches (if they work as they should) will send you back to square one, so you'll have to set up everything again (employees, assignments,...).
  11. Update Wicked Pervs to 3.1gc and try again.
  12. Which venue are we talking about here? The photo studio? In any case, if your lot does not work, try downloading one in-game via the Gallery. Use the filtering options on the left to select the lot type and enable the option for custom content. There are a few versions of the "Photo & Co" lot as well as a number of others, so just pick one that looks good to you.
  13. There seems to be a problem with Nisa's Wicked Perversions, maybe your version is outdated. Just get the latest one and double-check your install path (only one level of sub-folders and all that), just to be safe. Also remember to delete "localthumbcache.package", found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4", whenever you make changes to your Mods folder.
  14. Update Wicked Perversions to the latest version (3.1gc).
  15. The second picture looks like the default vanilla skin with no body details at all. Had the same issue back when I started using custom clothing and I guess you still need a modded default nude skin for this to work properly. Try downloading one, like Luumia's Vanilla skin (https://luumiasims.com/post/176210851339/vanilla-skin-luumia), and see if that makes the nipples show up on that top. Depending on your preferences, you may want a different look for your Sims (Luumia's skin was just the first that came to my mind, there are more). You can use any default nude skin you like, but you cannot have more than one in your Mods folder (so remove your current one before trying out a new one). Also remember to delete "localthumbcache.package", found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4".
  16. Created Sims have been moved to their own section, as they have been crowding the "regular" download section. https://www.loverslab.com/files/category/208-the-sims-4-sims/
  17. Seems that way. For the public version, the current version number is 4.3.3a, so maybe video studios will be available once there is a public 4.6 version.
  18. Dann am besten die beiden Dateien löschen (und dazu noch die Datei "localthumbcache.package" unter "Dokumente/Electronic Arts/Die Sims 4") und den Mod neu runterladen. Außerdem wenn nötig alles andere (also Spiel, WickedWhims usw.) aktualisieren, damit es da keine Probleme zwischen den einzelnen Mods gibt.
  19. Does it look like the picture in this thread? If so, it's from Nisa's Wicked Perversions and you need to use the debug options found in the "Tam Explorer" menu to fix Sims with the Sensually Tight trait. Alternatively (or if the debug option doesn't work for whatever reason), you can remove Wicked Pervs from your Mods folder temporarily, delete "localthumbcache.package" (found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4") and then start the game to save it once without mod. Be warned that you will lose any progress related to Wicked Pervs and have to start over from zero after you add it back into Mods (remember to delete "localthumbcache" again).
  20. The live cam channel is something your Sims can do in their spare time, no matter their actual job. It also doesn't change anything about the AEP career, which is still a rabbit hole job like most of the vanilla ones. IIRC, streaming a session can show up as a daily task on lower career levels, but the job at AEP itself is not playable (at least not in the public version - don't know about the one for supporters on Patreon). Photoshoot invitations are tied to the number of followers on your Sim's live cam channel. Once the number of followers surpasses a certain threshold (I don't know the exact value), you will start seeing those invitations every now and then.
  21. Unless that height gives you greater range of sight/fire, but implementing that is usually not in the scope of an RPG (because physics are complicated stuff). Aside from that, the entire "higher ground" stuff seems to me like someone wants to appear very smart after reading exactly one book on ancient or medieval warfare - e.g. The Art Of War or De Bello Gallico (I think, the advantages and disadvantages of terrain are probably mentioned in every one of them, at least to some minor extent). Just to be clear, there is some form of advantage that comes with higher ground (not having the disadvantage of fighting an uphill battle), but that advantage is a different one for every type of weapon (and none for spells, because magic). This is really something for strategy games like the modern XCOM titles, where you just put your sniper somewhere up high, then scout ahead and kill stuff from a distance. Like BGT/EET did for the transition into BG2? It sure was nice to have all the effort from the first game pay off (especially for Jaheira and Viconia, giving you healers that could survive on their own). However, since Throne Of Bhaal had an actual ending (with some text about your party members' lives afterwards and all that), BG3 would have probably been a rather new story anyway (and maybe using 3e rules, like IWD2 did). Or we would have gone east with Minsc, yet another character more memorable than all of those in BG3 combined.
  22. It's a bug that is related to either badly tagged CC or the game messing things up again. In any case, WickedWhims has a neat console command that should fix the issue for you. Simply bring up the console (Ctrl+Shift+C) and enter ww.fix_all_sims_nude_outfit to deal with all affected Sims in your game at once.
  23. AFAIK, WickedWhims and Devious Desires cannot be used simultaneously, so that's probably the cause for Nisa's Wicked Pervs throwing WW-related exceptions. If you want to use Wicked Pervs, remove DD as well as Sims 4 Community Lib and Mod Settings Menu (unless you need one of those for another mod you have installed).
  24. The last update back in July changed some stuff about photoshoots and poses. Some new ones by other creators were made available for use during the sessions, maybe those replaced the ones you are missing. I have only played one or two photoshoots since and I was more interested in the new poses, so I didn't really pay attention to the "old" ones. From the changelog:
  25. According to your error log, everything involved with Nisa's Wicked Pervs (Wicked Whims, Basmental Drugs, the game itself) is outdated and probably not equally so (meaning that those outdated mod versions are not compatible with each other and the game version that you have). It would be best to update first, then tackle whatever issues might be present. You can start with just the game plus WW and some animations, BMD, Wicked Pervs, and if you have it, MC Command Center. These should all work fine together and everything else goes out of the Mods folder for now. Remember to delete "localthumbcache.package", found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4", whenever you make changes to your Mods folder. Custom content like clothes, furniture and all that rarely causes serious trouble. Custom stuff that has an actual purpose in-game (e.g. showers, beds) can sometimes become broken, but script mod issues are more common by far.. You can often ignore those files when looking for broken mods, so if everything works fine with the above minimum set-up, you can put all of them back into Mods at once (and remember to delete "localthumbcache"). Start the game again for a quick test afterwards, just to be safe. Now, you should be left with only your script mods and maybe some minor tweaks for reduced celebrity reactions and the likes. These should not be put back into Mods at once, but instead either in batches of a handful each time or by using the 50/50 method - half of what's left goes in; test; if no issues, continue with half of what's left now; else, swap halves. Both approaches save you a lot of time when testing your mods, so just pick whichever you prefer.
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