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Mod to become a daughter of coldharbour/pureblood vampire?

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Okay, so if you have Dawnguard, you should know how pureblood vampires are made. Females are offered to Molag Bal in this ritual and he rapes/has violent sex with them, and males are forced to sacrifice a large amount of people in his name (according to Harkon, anyways). I was wondering if there are any mods that exist that allow the player to become a pureblood vampire. I read something a bit ago and someone said they were working on one, but I don't know if it exists yet, and I can't find another mod that does this.


Obviously, pureblood vampires would be more powerful that normal ones, and ones that were bitten by a pureblood. Maybe they'd have more health, and they could create vampire thralls that fight for them, and they could also have more spells.


The way you could become a pureblood vampire is, on Molag Bal's next summoning day, if you have done the quest for the mace of Molag Bal, he will demand you go through this ritual to prove your loyalty to him or something.


If you're a female, he appears to you, puts you under a spell that makes you pass out, and takes you to his ritual chamber, and proceeds to preform the ritual on you, whether you want him to or not.


If you are a male, he appears to you, and tells you to kill so many people. If you don't kill them fast enough, or you take too long to start killing them, he sends waves of vampires after you until you do kill people. After you've killed so many people, Molag Bal appears to you again and grants you his vampire power. If you haven't done the quest for the mace of Molag Bal, nothing will happen on his summoning day.


Alternatively, you could ask Harkon, Serana, or any other pureblood vampire to take you to his ritual chamber and have them summon him, even if you are a lesser vampire. Or, instead of Harkon offering you his power, he takes you to Molag Bal.


And then, there's the vampires at Castle Volkihar. Their dialogue would have to be changed to recognize that you are a pureblood vampire. Especially when you have to kill Harkon, he calls you a half-breed or something. That dialogue would have to be changed.


I know there's also an issue in making Molag Bal himself, but he could come to Nirn as a human (or at least not the huge horned beast he is, seeing as the Daedric Princes can change their form at will) to make the ritual easier. 

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Note, you have to be a virgin according to Serana.


I do want to see a sexlab mod that counts sex you have had. Can easily keep track of virginity that way. Also when we eventually get a text during sex mod, you can then do a check and alters what text you see baised on that count. Virgin text, inexperienced, experienced, and slut could be made.

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All that I know of the ritual is that there's a very high chance of being killed in the process.....

That's some really rough sex going on there....


But then again your the dragonborn and you've been shot at, drowned, stabbed, smashed, lit on fire, frozen alive, paralyzed, bitten, etc etc. Guess those dragon-souls really do work.....


Interesting concept though, but I think there was a thread similar to this a couple months ago.

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I highly doubt the ritual demands only virgins. Valerica is a daughter of Coldharbour as well, and I doubt she was a virgin when she gave birth to Serana :D This kind of miracles only happen in the real world :angel:

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I don't recall that she said you have to be a virgin but I might have missed that though do you have the quote or something similar to the quote?


I might have misremembered...

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I think there was another thread like this flying about here. They had things fleshed out pretty well, but it never quite took off. :( If I remember right, Molag Bal was supposed to be a huge Orc NPC with a wicked looking penis. Fuck, just remembering it makes me excited.. I hope it picks up this time!

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Holy ground is meant to be fatal to unholy creatures like vampires, that is why she won't get married. However vampires are also not meant to have a refelction,be able to cross running water or enter a home without permission.


Reflection, running water and "The uninvited guest" is only part of "the classic folklore vampire", so to speak. There's been no mention(as far as I know) that this applies to the vampires in Tamriel.

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Note, you have to be a virgin according to Serana.


I do want to see a sexlab mod that counts sex you have had. Can easily keep track of virginity that way. Also when we eventually get a text during sex mod, you can then do a check and alters what text you see baised on that count. Virgin text, inexperienced, experienced, and slut could be made.

Well Valerrica wasn't a virgin and she still done the ritual.

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There's been several threads about this subject and they're all good.  A lot of people would love to see this concept come to fruition.  Yeah, definitely whoever decided to pick this up would have to do some research.  Vampires of Elder Scrolls are much different than any other vampire that I know of.  It would be cool to see this mod obviously as an adult mod.  The fact that it would most likely be a short quest(s) leading up to the ritual shouldn't be too difficult.  Then again, I haven't made any mods, but from what I've seen available this doesn't seem like a far stretch from what's out today.


I don't know if this would conflict with the Dawnguard quest line too much.  There has to be a work around, right?

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While it's not quite a pureblood vampire mod, I think this can somewhat give people what they're looking for. The mod provides for a lot of interesting improvements on player Vampires.




What I would like to see if you could start as the very first Vampire to exist. Currently I am "dreamwriting" a story featuring the first Vampire based on my own character. So if anyone is willing to go through with this, I can lay the groundwork for the her/his background.

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I thought getting raped by Harkon early in the quest will turn you into a vampire? You know when you accepeted his gift and you end up in his chapel? A rape scene would be really nice, only if males get raped too.


A conjure molag bal spell lesser power after becoming pure blood would be nice to relive the experience over again. You conjure him so he will rape you because having sex with regular npcs isn't enough to get you off. The sex animations should be different must depict brutal sex only molag bal can.

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just uncovert this at nexus.




looks good for molag bal model.



You mean like this?:




I made him part of the updated Daywalker race I made a while back.


And yes..... his armor DOES come off. Too bad he has no "appendage" under there LOL


(hmm..... perhaps b3lisario could help me with that)




Seriously though, I like the concept of this idea, and hope to see it come to fruition. And I'd be happy to lend a hand.



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