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Looking For Insight Into Some Vampiric Weirdness.

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Let me start this off by assuring everyone that I do not expect to find a solution. Vampires have been cosmetically-fucked in my installation for so long that I've given up any hope of having them look the way they're supposed to.


In short, I noticed something really weird going on with Fangs and Eyes. The mod is meant to... well, give all the vampires in the game fangs and eyes. The problem is, it doesn't. At least, it's never worked for me. The only vampire it seems to affect is the player character and, for some goddamned reason, Alva! All of the other vampires retain the weird dawnguard vampire look.





Notice the weird nose and the gold, glowing eyes? That thing is just a nord vampire with those gross Dawnguard meshes, but with a normal-looking skin thrown over it. That's more or less how every vampire in my game looks, with a couple exceptions. I've accepted this as my fate. However, observe what happens when I used the console to change this nord vampire into a breton vampire...





Ignore the brown-face bug; that's to be expected when you change an NPCs race in-game. But see her eyes? Suddenly, she has the eyes from Fangs and Eyes. You can't see them in the screenshot, but she also has the fangs. Somehow, changing her race made that mod work.


What does this mean? I have no idea! But I sure would like to understand what the fuck is going on with my vampires.


Here's a list of the vampire-affecting mods I have installed:


Dynamic Vampire Appearance (I don't think its relevant, since the weirdness goes on even if its disabled. It only affects the player character, in any case!)

Vampire Facial Reclamation SSE

Normal Vampire Faces Batch File (a real lifesaver. It's the only reason I was at least able to partially fix my NPC vampires. x.x)

Fangs and Eyes


And that's it! I know what you're going to say. "None of those mods are meant to fix the dawnguard meshes!" I know. I've tried using the Cosmetic Vampire Overhaul, but it gives all my vampries the brown-face bug. I've never been able to fix that issue, so I don't use the mod. ><;


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