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[Informational] Slow Saving and how to Fix.

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Some people let the game take a few seconds to save even up to a few minutes, but don't know the causes. I'll let you know COMFIRMED REASONS and preventions. 

1. Corrupt but working .esp/esm. Some files you download and install can become corrupt, but still work. HDD/SSD issues. FIX. Backups and HASH/SHA

2. Hard Drive Space , Slow loading.  FIX get a SSD.

2. Old or out dated OBSE .dlls , same as 1. Fix remove unnecessary ones.

3. Installing beta/ corrupt  OBSE installs. I use Current Stable Version: v0021  newer ones keep having issues with mods new and old. Till bugs are ironed out stick with these versions. 

4. Playtime , world objects . Fix  clean up your messes. 

5. Corrupt are bad settings in your oblivion.ini in your documents are profiles.. FIX backup! I recommend SHA and WINRAR!


I have went and fixed all these and my saves are almost always instant even with  100s of MODS installed.Screenshot_5.png.a8ab9274b8817171e2ed5b230fa6f262.png


5. Quick guide how to SHA for files I use MO2 for these , download your favorite hash program RUN it with MO2 and pick files from the explorer++ program bundled with MO2.

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I want to thank you for bringing point 2 to my attention, i was finally ready to start my playthrough but the saves took ages to complete. Upon reading your advice and reviewing what OBSE .DLLs i actually had installed, i noticed 3 of them were ancient outdated construction kit/modder's resource stuff. (if anyone comes later to google this, it was AddActorValues_CS.dll, OBME_CS.dll and OBSE_Kyoma_MenuQue.dll) These are not actually important to whatever mods you install and should be moved out/deleted. It's not exactly easy to realize this based off the plugins' nexus pages, and even if Mod Organizer 2 at least pipes up about it, it's not what you'd immediatedly jump to being the culprit.


thanks again OP.

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If Oblivion is anything comparable to Fallout 4 in terms of handling save files, even having a high amount of save files the game has to go through IS a real reason why the process may take a long time, especially on older harddrives. It can be fixed without buying SSD though, but it can become a nuisance, as it requires some effort on your side. Just backup and move old saves to a different folder which is not accessed by the game and only use a reasonably small amount of save files, really just last couple of hours of saves in your current playthrough, because let's be honest, you won't ever go back more than couple of hours, because that would be a time wasted, just like time that is wasted on saving with so many old saves the game has to keep up with.

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