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Khajiit's have weird half-underwear on when naked

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I've been using MONSTERraider's Masculine Khajiit textures for a while, but whenever I have a male khajiit remove their clothing, they have some kind of underwear on at the hips and back, almost looks like a strap-on. I've tried asking the uploader how to fix it, but all I'm getting is "it's not a problem with my mod, I've already answered the question" and the comments have been locked -- which you can imagine doesn't help me at all. It also only happens with khajiit males, naked argonians are fine, and human naked males, naked male orcs, none of them have this issue, only male khajiits. And obviously none of the females of any race have this issue. 

Is there any way I can get a fix for this that isn't "look somewhere else/it's already been answered"?


I'm also using SoS, obviously. 



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