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New Vegas starts with no sound and then closes before I can even get to the main menu.

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The game starts up then closes immediately. It does this when I have sexout enabled. The only time I can get to the main menu is when I only have Smaller talk and the mod configuration menu enabled.

Load order: 

The Mod Configuration Menu.esp

Total active plugins: 20
Total plugins: 20
I probably did something really dumb and that's why I'm having this issue. Could someone help me figure out what I did wrong?

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Okay I installed that through FOMM and it still doesn't work. One thing I didn't notice before is that when I click on SexoutWorkingGirl.esp is says WARNING: This plugin has the file extension .esp, but its file header marks it as an esm! I'm not sure what to do with that or if it is even a problem. Even without that though sexout is the mod that is closing my game. I disabled everything else except sexout and it still did it.

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Open your current load order with fnvedit, if there's any load order misalignment, it'll say you. Or download LOOT(The Load Order Optimisation Tool), if you have no idea how to sort plugins, it'll sort it for you

also be sure to have all sexout mods to be updated as old mods had a thing to crash the game if some of them were old and some were new

and idk if you have the nvse 5.1.4 (or xnvse 6.0.9) itself or not, as all nvse plugins requires it to work, and don't forget to launch the game from steam(if steam), or nvse_loader(if you don't have 4gb patch), or via the fnv4gb (fnv4gb patch also can force your game to use steam if you need steam), or via mod manager that can run it with nvse enabled(FOMM for me never worked as a launcher, and always crashed my game, so i prefer to use actual exe files in the game folder), as otherwise you'll not be have nvse enabled and this might crash your game

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