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Help getting rig of lines in the sky

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4 hours ago, Marburg said:

ithink what you are seeing is the mesh lines of the skydome.
perhaps the texture used isnt seamless or has some visible artifacts from the UV map.


Do you have a link to a tutorial that can show me how to fix that?


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for the skydome texture open the .txf and change to "RGBA_8888" "AlphaMask" then create a [skydome texture name here]_pass.txt.


put in the _pass.txt


name = BackgroundPass



It doesn't work all the time but most of the time it does. 

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When creating the room, I explain my my "Room Tutorial" (update coming soon) how to smooth the "skydome" to diminish the edges, but once the room is created, they can be difficult to improve.


As noted above, using Hook5 pass files, you can tweak the appearance some, but that's about it. :(


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