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  1. It's not clear what you are requesting. H5 objects for converting into H4 objects (for that, you'd need the Blender source code) or software to do the decoding?
  2. SATURDAY FOLLOW-UP: I removed the video card and nothing changed. LEDs and fans, but no POST beeps. Hopefully, this means my video card is still okay. Replacing it at today's prices would be agony. The MoBo is still under warranty, but Asus has to agree to replace it and I've yet to hear back from them ("Next business day" my ass.). I didn't try testing the PSU. Maybe later.
  3. I got the 3100 b/c it is WAY faster than the 3200g. The "g" chips with onboard VEGA video are notably slower b/c they are single thread cpu's, putting the extra silicon towards the GPU.
  4. Trying another socket might be an option. And fortunately, I fully uninstalled the nVidia drivers before attempting to use the generic card, but the computer won't boot. Not even POST.
  5. "_level_definition.txt" room definition file Hook.
  6. I've been debating buying a new video card for over a year. Now I wish I had. I could have recouped the cost of a 1660 Super a year ago for what my old GTX670 would sell for today!
  7. I checked eBay for a replacement video card. Cards older/slower than my GTX670 are selling for $100. RTX3070's selling for $2,500/$3,500. One idiot bid $260 for AN EMPTY 2070 BOX (listing clearly says "BOX ONLY! NO GPU", but I suspect the people who bid on it only saw "2070".
  8. Thx for the reply. I have a Ryzen 3100 with no on-board/on-cpu video. I bought/installed the MoBo last October, so it is still under warranty. But I'm trying to avoid having to disconnect everything and RMA it back to Asus (which would be a monstrous PIA and take weeks.)
  9. Awful timing. My video card just died. I was in the middle of editing a LevDef file when suddenly my screen went wonky and everything froze. When I rebooted, I was in VGA mode (640x480) with white streaks all over the screen. I searched online for a new card and the prices are ridiculous due to the "chip shortage." I could be out of commission for a while.
  10. Ah, I see what's happening! The source pose links to actors that you AREN'T replacing. So when you import, the links are connected to the wrong actors. Hmm. There is no way to "automatically" change a link between (for example) 1 & 2 into a link between 3 & 4. Your only option is to clone your source pose and unlink the actors. Then, after importing them to the target pose, relink them (keyframe-by-keyframe, working backwards from the last keyframe to the first.) Sorry. I don't think there's a simpler solution.
  11. Yep, MG went down for good late last year. It was going up & down like a yo-yo every few weeks until finally it just went down and never came back. We never heard from Marotaika (sp?) or Phoebe to know exactly what happened, but briefly for about two weeks, it was possible to still access a cache of the entire site (by entering the IP address instead of URL) and recover files. I grabbed as much of my own stuff as possible (posts, uploads, pics, etc) before the host caught the backdoor and shut it down. Then I got hit with a ransomware attack (unrelated)
  12. I fixed the pose. The cause was something stupid (natch.) I was thinking, "This is a solo pose. What is supposed to be happening to trigger an orgasm?" All I had to do was add a toy to the pose. That gave the pose something to start using a slider.
  13. Two simple static poses for the Loft to go with Marburg's new "Arcade Cabinet" toys. Poses are basically the same with the hands slightly re-positioned for the different cabinets. Great "starter" poses for creating more complex animations. https://mega.nz/file/TJ1jEYKR#vefkKnGerWUI0Ctxq88eHgy83XajjNg4Zgm8I_9eu0Q
  14. Dome of Pain Retexture (with Hook 5 LevDef) I got tired of having only the default DoP when testing poses so I threw this together. Nothing fancy. Just a new look for a room that is rarely (never?) retextured. Download from Mega (just 2MB.) PS: If necessary, be sure to edit LevDef file to update path to your cubemap/envmap files.
  15. Awesome! Huge thanks. That restores my copy of the original "TK17 Texture Mod Index" of all stock textures with clothing UV Maps and "Previews". The archive is impossible to find online anymore (all torrent links are dead) and too big to upload (2.2GB.) If there is enough interest, I may upload the torrent link here and arrange a time/date for everyone to download it from me. Anyone interested, PM me.
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