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  1. I checked Pervo's "Hook 5 Patreon" page to confirm the download link for Hook 5, and discovered his link to his 2019 update of H5 free is gone (leaving only the 2017 version.) I'm updating my documentation on "installing H5 under Linux" which includes a link to the H5 download page. I have the 2019 update, so I'm good there. But I'm wondering if I need to re-upload it, or if there is another link on his site I'm not seeing? The 2019 update has several bug fixes, most notably, it doesn't crash if a room's LevDef file just happens to contain Hook5 objects (sparing you the tedious task of editing every LevDef file to comment-out every .h5m reference. So, is there another link or must I reupload it?
  2. You can either run the command from the Terminal/CLI or just open the Winetricks GUI (default prefix), "Change Settings", locate the "videomemorysize=2048" entry and select it to make the change permanently to that particular Wine Prefix.
  3. Hey, great. You even have the screenshots (which Avarteas allowed to expire and never updated before MG went down.) I recall that it needed some updating. I'll review it and see if the instructions I've been working on need to be modified before I upload them. Thanks.
  4. I'm not familiar with Daz's ability to export to a format Blender can import with textures already applied, so I don't know how well it works. I spent a few hours today updating my tutorial and discovered my "CTK_GUI" utility (which is still in Beta) required a few updates to the Room creation option, slowing this down a bit more. I hope to have both (utility and tutorial) updated soon.
  5. Interesting. Odd. But interesting. Any chance there's a second, "conforming" version? I'm not about to alter every pose just to fit a single pair of shoes, and could really use a good pair of pumps.
  6. While the robot in the hangar can't be replaced, it can be retextured (same shape, different look.) And you can add anything to any room in the form of a toy, but it won't be animated (no moving parts.) Somewhere buried in TK17 is the ability to add "cut scenes" to rooms before they load (like The Hangar robot or The "Tentacle Monster" chair), but no one has ever figured out how.
  7. Like my tutorial says, every object in your 3D model "must have one Material, one UV Map and One Texture". You can apply a texture in "Blender" and even see it on screen, but if you never create a "UV Map", it won't be applied to your object or included when you export it. Review the section on creating a "UV Map" to make sure it was done properly. I'll try to update my tutorial in the next few days.
  8. Has this shoe (R9Shoe020-Classic Pumps) always had this problem or am I only now noticing it for the first time? They appear fine when the model is standing, but they don't follow the model's feet when the ankle bends. The original addon is a 897K txx file from Nov 11, 2014 in case anyone has a new version. Thx.
  9. DAZ models are difficult to convert into objects usable by TK17, but fortunately, "rooms" should be one of the easier things to convert.. CTK is not for importing. It is for exporting. I wrote a Tutorial on how to create Rooms a few years ago. It is out-of-date and in need of updating (original here), but if you ignore everything regarding CTK, you may still find it quite useful.
  10. The Team was after me for a long time to find a VPN and set things up, but no one wanted to pay for it. "Memberships" were discussed, but then who gets the job of Treasurer (and won't disappear with the cash?) And "free hosting" sites have strict rules on Content. So the entire idea pretty much fell apart.
  11. Interesting, though your grep call to "OpenGL renderer" is confusing. Wouldn't that disable Hook? Also, for some reason, I simply can't get a script to run. I pasted your script to a text file saved to the "Desktop" folder, set the properties to "Allow executing as a program" & Open With the Terminal ("KTelnetService" in Ubuntu), and nothing happens. Followup: After a reboot, your shortcut seems to now work with VX running properly with H5. 👍
  12. I did that. If that was all there was to it, I would have been done two weeks ago. Latest versions of Wine & Winetricks.
  13. Easier said than done. Just having Vulkan installed & working is not enough. "All the DirectX dll libraries". Which are what, exactly? Getting Hook-4/DX9 to work was less trouble. Getting Dotnet 4.71 installed to support DX11/H5 was more difficult. Winetricks repeatedly failed trying to do so.
  14. A little update: I now have both Hook 4 (DirectX-9) and Hook 5 (DirectX-11) working under Linux. I still need to do a clean install from scratch to make sure I have all the steps right before I write the tutorial.
  15. Here you go. Tested in a stock copy of 7.5. Looks & works great.
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