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Hi everyone, this Klub is the real thing, we're the Official The Klub 17 manage by Team K17. Since the Garden was down, there was no real official site until now. THE NEW OFFICIAL SITE IS https://phoenixgarden.cc/index.php This place will also be used as a backup in case there is a problem with the main site. Please feel free to post your addons, texture, poses, models, rooms, etc. Thank you. Team K17
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  2. Hi Daspex. Can you make a pumpkin mask? I sent you the files in Turbo Squid downloaded stuff. There is a Halloween Pumpkin 2 folder. You have files in it, so use them to make a pumpkin mask. I need the head to be a Halloween pumpkin mask and put it on the male model. By the way, those traps I sent you, are you working on them?
  3. Cant this to work. Help/tips? its showing as toys, but no logical way to use them..
  4. Can you please tell me how to add this bikini in VX because I'm facing some problems to add it.🙏
  5. Not yet. Not now. But I'll do Queen. Bow. .. Master... Babe. As you wish... order. Again I tallk so much. Respects (!)
  6. Maybee this is something you can use - 2 difficult Leopard Bikinis... MEGA
  7. Is there anyone who has this Leopard Bikini Set in your collection? I need it soo badly! It is my kind request to all of you, if you have this Bikini Set then please upload it🙏
  8. Thank you for your post. BTW, did you create an account to our official site https://phoenixgarden.cc/ ? This replace the ModGarden site.
  9. SO that is just for you "_K17_" I didn't forgot your old posts and Helps. You answered many my first days "Ultra" noobish questions at modsgarden.... I don't remember number of questions. ._.' I missed you soo much too..................BABE.................... Master... Herouse. ^-^ Hug (like break your bones tightly) and kisses so much (like russian style) O_o' . I'm so happy saw you.
  10. Hi all guys girls gays Aliens or what ever you are. So I love you all. I'm very old "member?" of ModsGarden wiki and modgarden_com or mordgarden_cc . Before shutdown... closed or hacked I'm not complately sure to modsgarden ... there was my account name was "SS10". I was not a modder. But I was try to learn. LoL. So as now I donnow how to creat a body or cloth dress now or a room. But I'll try to learn if my masters herouses VerySlow OysterMug or other veeery old members make many tutorials like to teach "perfect fool-noob" students. LoL. But (!).... I saw some of tutorials at here I'll take a look them. Btw. I know I write and tallk so much (I'm sory if borred you) and I donnow these my wrote feelings important to TK17 TEAM or "WHITE RABBIT" .... But I want to write these to you now at here. Honestly (!)... I'm not a modder like them... but I made some of textures (I made some of Zstocking Mod 4x and 1x pantyhose textures) and I been pro body shape setting (in game Model costume not blender CTK : P ) .... so Veeeery different and so much versions of main.fx settings with 7.5 hook4.... So I join to TK17 and begun play that game and AG3 (Artificial Girl from illision game company HONGFIRE web I LOVE them soo MUCH too!) when I was 16-18 ages. When I saw that game I told myself "WOA! wth is that." and ask quetiongs how is that how install that mod or modding bla bla. So My herouses teach me eeeeverything (nearly everything lol 😛 ) . I did unbelievable things myself. I - AM - PLEASESURE for that reason to TK17 and White Rabbit. Thare is write something when you open TK 7.5 version at the main menu.... so it is "THE KULP 17 -WHERE DREAMS BECOME REALITY". That been complately for me . ^_ ^ Coz... I made what I want... Fat or thin tall or short YOUNG or old blonde or brunet...an Elf or normal Human I made which pose as I imagined... I added which clothes wished... to .. game... a simple pjama or a warrior armor. When shutdown modsgarden I didn't sign in to another site many years until now... Because there was one reason it is hacked... so I can't turst another site... and I wanted wait its open again....and I been SO MUCH(!!!!) angry. there is reason is not just lose many information tutorials or mods. Mostly I angry to reach to my herouses. (LOL) Coz As I can't modding I was love to take a look their posts... and Ask to them if I stuck about a problem. Another reason is there is not like modsgarden another sites. So I didn't know to reason of closed modsgarden.... Someones was tallking about reasons are money or some ones hacked modgarden about -18 models... So That made me mostly anger... Coz These are just pictures... just meshes... not a human. and As I told ... I'm very old user this game... Now I'm 40 years old. All my life I didn't sexual harassment to anybody no touch or another thing or I didn't hacked their account or PC-machines. If I shall shortly say "I didn't any bad things". THERE shall not be (!) easly blame ... you know "That is perverts or hentai THAT reason". I had many girlfriend all my life. I didn't broke and of them heart. I told these for that reason.... There is someones doing bad things... forexample you know 40 years old man rape to a little girl and all like that plartforms shut down. -.-' or a young boy go to his old school and kill kids. OR young people be asocial with porn or like that games. sO alll dreams become not real .... become to a broken hearts : P And they showe targets for punish and reason like modsgarden sites or another somethings. They didn't think or search another reasons. THAT is really made me so upset and anger. Coz that is not complately right way or real. I love kids .... I love people but I don't want to lose my rights and herouses or make me happy somethings. All the world some of people are very sensitive about nudetism or sexual entertaiments like that or porn. I donnow complately why but they work for close or censor or ban or destroy to like me people makes happy.... and when thay are doing that their reason be kids mostly... But there is happening bad things already and beginning more then more before. I donnow. I just wanted share my feeling and thinks with you guys. I belive that is not main reason and that is not right way. Btw I use 7.5 now not VX. Mostly reason is "minigaint" mod. You know what I'm tallking about. But I saw read "White rabbit" sensetive about that too. I don't change for him or another somebody... BUT(!) I'll COMPLATELY accept and stay site Rules.... Your rules your way "white Rabbit"... I fallow. Because I love you guys. I love White Rabbit mostly ^_^ I don't want stay away or lose you all as if I'm not preciouse for you. Donnow. And........ I don't want another game or another someone... Like VVM . I want TK 17... I want dissmised... oystermug.. SO... now. I finnaly sign in loverslab. My one side of heart very broken...as now. But I'm happy to sign here. Thank you so much to all. Please all be happy and fine.
  11. Mastermind1945... I prefer play game. Mostly I prefer pose edition make poses and animations. But your this works are very interesting. As I don't prefer play like that mod. Again But I loved take a look your posts and works. Btw... lights camera or main.fx shader what ever it is your did settings are very good. Thanks for share them. I just wanted say these. ^^
  12. I have a Pumpkin mask that requires a "Mask032" addon. I'll try to upload both to PG later. Download here.
  13. Does anyone have a Pumpkin Man model or at least a pumpkin mask? If not, please someone make one. Here are the files. Halloween Pumpkin 2.zip
  14. The Rottweiler toys are part of the S1 ToolPack which I uploaded here.
  15. Hi I'm looking for Rottweiler toy r9toy088 and r9toy089
  16. No I haven't. The included clothes were customized by the creator of the body mod....
  17. Hi friends. Can anyone help me speed up the creation of poses or specifically their modification? It is about the following: I have a lot of good poses that have been downloaded and I want to include them in my projects. Specifically, the project I'm working on is about poses in motion, not images. It's about the problem of how it looks when it's original (without the penis connection) and after the modification, after the penis connection. I want model 1 to behave the same as in the original and not to have a different movement after connecting the penis, and then we get a problem like in image. The left picture shows before the connection, and the right one after the connection of the penis when the pose is released into motion. This means that to get the same effect as in the original, I have to modify the hip model1 for each key. It's quite time-consuming, so I'm asking one of you who wants to help if there is a tip or trick how to get the same movement of model 1 as in the original, while the penis is connected to the vagina of model 2. When Global Key Modified is turned on, i.e. Enable, and I connect the penis, the hip position remains good only for the first key. Other hips with other keys are messed up. Poses are extra, but I also need the connection of the penis, how a sound of slaping would be heard. Thank you.
  18. Hi, hast du Programme im Hintergrund laufen oder benutzt du H5?Auch HD Hintergrundbilder für Desktops sind Speicherfresser.Ich selbst habe nur 4 GB Hauptspeicher und Win 10,benutze aber häufig große,animierte Räume und lange Sequenzen,habe aber sehr selten low memory Fehler.
  19. Man I Loved her clothes. Have you got her all clothes to standart fit replaced to V7.5 models ?(!)
  20. out of memory problem hallo habe sehr sehr of das out of mernory problem kein plan obs an meinen pc liegt oder am spiel kann jemand helfen lege mal ein bild meines sytems bei danke
  21. If someone can reach Pervo, all he needs to do is recompile H5 as a 64bit DLL for it to work with V11. Unfortunately, no one knows how to reach him.
  22. Unfortunately without hook 5 support it will still be outdated even before it´s released.

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