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[Solved] Skyrim ENB "desaturated" Screen

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I am experimenting with an ENB and ELFX, but for some reason, since I installed the ENB this issue came to be, and have yet to find  a permanent solution




In Game in the ENB settings, there is an option in ENBEffects.Fx called "Apply nighteye fix"

I disabled that, and the issue went away. Hope this helps other with the same issue 



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Yes, some ENBs enhance color saturation, some diminish it. A mod like Imaginator (see Nexus) can be used to "manually" fine tune brightness, contrast, color saturation, tonality, etc while in-game, so you can tweak a given ENB to your liking (like suppose you like most of what a given ENB provides, but it's not *quite there for you...), or even forgo using an ENB altogether if the vanilla graphics are (for you) very close to how you think it ought to look, but not quite there... a little too bright, or dark, or not quite saturated enough or slightly oversaturated, and so on... But if it's producing a significant change you really don't like, I'd recommend uninstalling it and choosing another. 

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