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I Botoxed patched mod.  Have not tested either version. Last night did quick patch of all females with my BotoxBandit patcher, more info that can be found at My Botox Files.  I have a few loose rules with use my better patchers with npcs that come through lvl markers or are Quest Enabled. With this mod I am 99% certain that npcs from this mod will not work great with one of my better patchers but I did not confirm that,yet(?)


Here is 2 files, they need to be dl'd manually and used (copy and paste) to overwrite what you already have installed from that mod. Its meshes and textures, all tga files from that mod,or any mod,should be thrown out. 


If you use MO navigate to MO/Mods/Populated Skyrim Legendary Edition and copy and paste provided head data over current files,get rid of tga files when pasting over textures.


You can try non bandit patcher head data but most likely will get invisible npcs and weird hair glitch on occasion, other file will work fine. 


I had to put into files ALL meshes and textures, Knowing which meshes had been overwriting after patching is easy, file size is larger. Not the case with textures, no easy way to seperate those from any others that are there, with this mod there is a lot. The extra head data is 100% the same file so no harm. 




Edit: Only version with bandit patcher now, hoped repatching with better patcher would of been done now. In ck now patching it but as soon as its down I gotta run, no time to zip it and throw into post. Feel free to wait for better one to test first as I dont think it will work right and then you can overwrite with BanditBotox file. 



Ck choking, right now! Did the same thing last night when patching with my Bandit patcher. 


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I edited (for what I believe to be) all the NPC's from Populated Skyrim MCM Modified Ver 1.31 LE / SE Hotfix

By BAKA on his Patreon. as well as Populated Cities Towns Villages SE Edition by TonyCubed2 on Nexus. Both great mods, but with really ugly NPC's (at least on my PC). They are both edited for SSE (not sure if it will make a big difference if you run it on LE or not, they are all texture files).


(BAKA EDITION) Open the .Zip and navigate to Textures/actors/character/FaceGenData/FaceTint/Populated Skyrim Legendary.esp and Highlight all the textures and drop them in the same location as Bakas Download. Do the same thing with the Tonycubed2 version. The Baka one has significantly more NPCS and they do not respawn unless killed, in order to work with his mods. 


You need Botox for Skyrim  already installed as well as the version of Populated you want into your Mod Manager.

Link to Botox: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/20967

Link to BAKA: https://www.patreon.com/posts/populated-skyrim-50198842

Link to TonyCubed2: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/2005?tab=files (need Loose Files, unless you want to unpack the .bsa)


LMK if this works for anyone else or if you need any help!

Populated Cities Towns Villages BOTOX.7z Populated Cities Towns BAKA BOTOX.7z

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