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  1. Re-instal and try again for me it worked the second time I try
  2. Just in case I've converted the TID_UNPB meshes for this mod just in case some is looking for those TID_UNPB SE.rar
  3. Ohhhh so the attacks was from here not from Populated Skyrim SE for BaboDialogue, god dammit, this vampires attack are driving me nuts thanks for the info and the solution
  4. dude did you find a fix for that?? I using FNIS XXL as well
  5. Hi is there UUNP outfits for Tentacle Parasite monster or is there a way to use this armor instead??? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/103194 I Know thats fo LE but I can use NIF Optimizer for the conversion
  6. Oh that is unfortunate, but thanks for answering anyway
  7. Hi, I was looking for Things in the dark but there's not SE version, but there is SSE for From the Deep but I saw there's not option for From the deep on the new SS++ could you please make it an option??
  8. Hi I've converted the 9404 MBO 0018 for SE but for some reason the torso is not showing on the original version the uunp bodyslide on both SE\LE and if I just add the uunp show half naked boobs (not the result I want)
  9. :( would you please make one for better vampires? I've advanced a lot with my character as a vampire but your mod looks awesome
  10. Help please, I having the same issue and worst, the bully score is still active, they rape my character ramdomly (I was fighting a dragon and M'aiq the liar stated animation in the midle of the fight) and every time that I'm fighting and my life goes under 50% they take all my stuff
  11. Your armor\clothes doesnt support belly scalling I Think its called
  12. Bro did the CTD for gamepad users on animation got fixed?? Its an excellent mod I follow you on patreon but that's the only thing that kills it for me
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