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  1. :( would you please make one for better vampires? I've advanced a lot with my character as a vampire but your mod looks awesome
  2. Help please, I having the same issue and worst, the bully score is still active, they rape my character ramdomly (I was fighting a dragon and M'aiq the liar stated animation in the midle of the fight) and every time that I'm fighting and my life goes under 50% they take all my stuff
  3. Your armor\clothes doesnt support belly scalling I Think its called
  4. Bro did the CTD for gamepad users on animation got fixed?? Its an excellent mod I follow you on patreon but that's the only thing that kills it for me
  5. I wish there were more outcomes for SE at least, I liked wolf club on LE (it was a little buggi) but I tried Wolf club for SE and nop dont work for me everyone goes berserk mode with me, But real good job with Simple slavery plus plus it works like a gem
  6. Hi can some one make the SE conversions for these ones and https://kp4068.tistory.com/2526?category=596393 I've already tried to convert it with nif optimizer
  7. Hi can some one make the SE conversions for these ones https://kp4068.tistory.com/2526?category=596393 I've already tried to convert them with nif optimizer
  8. yep right now I updating and doing some testing, but I not going to erase this post until I'm sure that the problem is gone Edit: Yep racemenu Now everything is beautiful again jaja, thanks for the responses guys
  9. Thanks bro for your response, but I think is racemenu saw some one with ctd on entering an specific location, an update of racemenu is causing CTD on absorbing dragon souls and some locations like bleak falls barrow
  10. Bro bro bro, Thank you so much you solve two problems with just one response, I'ven trying to solve my problem for 4 days now, Thank you bro really
  11. Are you using Driping when aroused?? that is an effect on some cells on blue palace and the house on solitude
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