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Walla Walla Series Thread

Poll for Direction of the Walla Walla Series  

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  1. 1. Where to next?

    • Willow Creek
    • Oasis Springs
    • Strangerville
    • Newcrest
    • Brindleton Bay

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Hello again! I figured I would make this thread to help me stay organized and to better communicate with those who are interested in the series. So follow this if you would like to stay up to date. I figured this would be better than spamming a new thread each time. 


Just doing another poll for the next world/theme you would like to see next in the series. Something went screwy in my game and I need to rebuild my mod folder so it may be awhile before I start the next one. So where would you like for me to make sims for next and what would like to see?



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Strangerville is the winner by a mile! So I'm going to take this opportunity to go over my plan for this series. I'm a little concerned with the skin tone/makeup update EA may release on December 8th and how it would affect cc. I'm a little hesitant about releasing sims for them to be messed up by it. I would like to deliver the best product I can for you all. So in the meantime, I'll be releasing WIP screenshots of the sims I make but won't be releasing them until after the update. I'll also be fixing previous uploads if needed. So fingers crossed that things won't be too messed up!


           With that out of the way, here is what I was thinking for the themes of this series:


1. Household of Investigators (3 to 5 sims)

2. Household of rivals/bullies to the investigators (3 to 5 sims)

3. Indigenous tribe roughly based on the Dene (Navajo)

4. Rough and tumble small town folk

5. Open to suggestion, leave a comment of what you would like.


If there's anything you would want to see more or less of, let me know. Your feedback will always be appreciated!

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The Stranger Investigators

All have the Strangerville Aspiration


Wilma Dunkley

Traits: Egghead, Programmer, Geek






Delphina Black

Traits: Outgoing, High Maintenance, Genius





Norman "Raggy" Roberts

Traits: Clumsy, Piggy, Paranoid










Frank James

Traits: Self-Assured, Active, Outgoin








Ruby Ru

Trait: Glutton



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The Stranger Ruffians

All have the Chief of Mischief 


Tony Cheung

Triats: Mean, Hot-Headed, Mischievous





Deanna Capps

Traits: Evil, Mean, WAP (makes her super aggressive)








Brenda Farley

Traits: Petty, Tomboy, Active





Gunnar Childers

Traits: Geek, Kleptomaniac, Programmer






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5 hours ago, goleadorholly said:

another great one! i think it might be nice if u projected a royal family or a family of gods or demigods.. what do ya think?

I was thinking about doing a royal family when I got around to making sim celebrities. I might even do a tycoon family as part of Strangerville.  

Gods and Demigods, I'm not to sure and will have to think about. Mostly because if I were to do any divine beings: I would want the game to show that. Unless they're "Gods" but a bunch of every day, Joe-schmo, schmucks. That would be pretty fun to do.

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Hello everyone! Just an update, I'm just in finals time and getting ready for my licensing exam to start up my apprenticeship. I'll be continuing the Strangerville series sometime in the new year. BUT.... I'll be dropping some sims on here sometime after the 18th to tide things over! So keep an eye out for them!


Be safe out there!

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The Yokels of Strangerville

Download Here

The Yokelers of Strangerville


1180508846_01-04-21_8-38-28PM.png.36c3be36c38fb9ccb353f4b3252c06ff.pngAlden Montes






Ugly, Clubber, Paranoid


He works and lives at the local gas station. He tends to hear the rumours of passersby. 

He might know a thing or two going on in Strangerville, but it may cost a few leaves of the devils lettuce. Despite seeing all the faces that come through town; he is a lonesome sim. A small offering of friendship can bring with it a loyal ally.





Danny Mosher



Party Animal



Mean, Petty, Clubber


He doesn't care much for outsiders. He doesn't want the people of Strangerville to change from outsiders or the few locals investigating the strange happenings. He's the town supplier of the locals' favourite pass time; hard drugs. He would be hard to convince, but that temper of his could be put to good use.




Hunter Rompf






Nymphomaniac, Pervert, Paranoid


The town lecher. Many tourists have awoken to a start to his hand and face prints on their hotel room windows. The denial of the locals keeps him out of trouble. Surely one of their own cannot be the cause of such perversions. At any rate, he can prove to be an easy pawn to acquire. At a price of course. I hope you don't hold your dignity at a high value.





Freddy Hare






Paranoid, Pervert, Hot Headed


He hates outsiders as much as Danny. He in supports the presence of the military and agents in town, but is spiteful of the scientists. He agressively pursues those he believes are standing in the millitary's way. Much like Danny, his anger can be potent if set in the right direction. Taking advantage of his chauvinistic behaviour makes all the more easier to manipulate him.





Beau Vinson



Strangerville Mystery



Good, Introvert, Unflirty


Beau is cut from a different cloth than the rest. While other's are at the drug fueled bonfires; he often drinks alone at the hotel bar. He know something is going in the town, but he is unsure what to do. News of his activities would spread quick. If he tries anything, Freddy and Danny will be hot on his heels. He needs help and knows it.




The Yokelettes of Strangerville



Susana Burleson



Renaissance Sim



Hot Headed, Mean, Paranoid


She's been around for a long time and knows a thing or two about the town many have forgot. But she is a crotchety, old nag that won't give up information so easily. A patience of a saint is required to withstand her beratements to acquire what is needed of her. 






Charlie Cutler



Strangerville Mystery



Handy, Programmer, Egghead


Charlie is the librarian at the Strangerville Archive. She is talented at searching for information hidden deep within volumes of books and data. She seeks a challenge the the people of Strangerville cannot offer her. She is well aware of the happenings, but fears the other locals retribution. 





Marlee Braid



Good Bitch



Erratic, Bimbo, Jealous


Marlee's reputation as a wild cat is one of the few things that keep people in Strangerville. Though her one-night stands come at a steep price; she is a fearsome combination of possessive and insane. She claims those she lays and she keeps them. However, she can be a useful distraction. One could make use of her if they can tolerate long enough... and escape to tell the tale.




Audra Puckett






Untalented, Bimbo, Paranoid


She is one of those people who could not escape Strangerville and has been consumed by it's depravity. It may not be too late for her. The promise of escape can provide a mole within the inner working of the local's ways. But it might be too late for her and drag others into the maw of Strangerville's evil.





Arlene Winkler



Friend of the World



Good, Family Orientated, Natural Cook


She has so little but gives so much. Arlene is well know to give food and board to tourists when the hotel has no vacancy. She knows something isn't right in Strangerville, but her good heart stops from doing anything that would upset the other locals. She is called the Mother of Strangerville. Not so much due to her reputation of hospitality; more so, her house full children of unknown fathers. There is always a plates set out for unexpected guests at Arlene's table.


*I suggest you use Genetics in CAS with her and the Yolkelers to make her childern*

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Hey everyone, I'm in need all of your opinions. This year for me is going to be pretty busy. I still want to upload sims for you all, but would you be okay if I upload sims individually on a single page similar to how Mrrakonn does? I'll finish the last part for Strangerville before this, but batch uploads are becoming pretty time consuming at the moment. I'll do big batches for special occasions still. It would be easier for me to manage if it's all in one place. 


So I wonder; would it easier for you as well? 

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9 hours ago, Synamon said:

All I know is I love your sims, So as long as you keep releasing them even if it's only one or two at a time keep up the amazing work.💖


That makes me super happy to hear, thank you! 

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I just wanted to say, your sims are incredible. I think you've been improving each time, and the Strangerville series is particularly impressive to me. I REALLY love what you've done with the indigenous group too.


To answer your question, I think you should keep families together to preserve their relationships, but if it's easier for you to do sims individually, you should definitely do that. And Thank you for all the sims so far.

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3 hours ago, Nidion001 said:

Any chance we can get a save file with all the sims you've made placed where they should all be in the world? Along with those new townies, which are great btw.


I don't think so unfortunately. Lots, maybe, when I practice building a bit more.


2 hours ago, 2cool4u_1 said:

I just wanted to say, your sims are incredible. I think you've been improving each time, and the Strangerville series is particularly impressive to me. I REALLY love what you've done with the indigenous group too.


To answer your question, I think you should keep families together to preserve their relationships, but if it's easier for you to do sims individually, you should definitely do that. And Thank you for all the sims so far.

 I was just thinking that I stuck a bit too close to my formulaic approach so that's good to hear! I should clarify that when I said individually, I did mean individual households instead of big batches around a theme/location. 

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