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Unity Dev/Games & Mods. 1-10 difficulty?

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Since this seems like the best place to ask and there aren't really any tutorials/resources (or folks to ask directly). And many here are accomplished coders and modders. Hopefully I'm not upsetting anyone or breaking the rules talking about unity.


Not to mention how comprehensive and vast the frameworks of Wicked Whims and SexLabs.


Would people consider making frameworks like the previously mentioned for Unity games? or would that be too much of a grey zone for folks.


There happens to be a lot of usage of BepInEx and Harmony and dnSpy.


dnSpy has an amazing write-up faq-sheet. 



But I'm unable to... Admittedly, Connect the dots. Get it running correctly, And build a proper workflow. 


Making/creating an add-on sideload to integrate a framework would be amazing specifically adding animations to say something like 
AI*Shoujo or recent title.


Ideally, I want to add animations. Do I attempt to learn Unity? Should I get a .NET dev environment setup? Work on the tutorials from tutorials and guides? as well as going through modders resources? 


Has anyone tried or have they gotten stuck at a particular point?


Or is it something I'd have to beg wheedle and cajole through someones patreon's paywall?


Thank you for your time.

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