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How to play as a raider??

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So here I sit bored out of my mind, and I decided I want to start playing FO4 again, but this time as a dirty rotten (female) RAIDER.  yeah, not too original an idea, but Bugthesda does not really allow this style -- you are Minuteman Railroaded right out of the vault so...?


What mods do I need to set up a reasonable raider style play through??

So far I have

"Depravity" (also OAR, Fusion City Rising, but they are not Bad vs Good)

"Crime and Punishment"

and not much else (actually have a bunch of other mods for appearance, weapons, etc --96 in total)


Any suggestions? I am not interested in sex mods this time; just bad/evil play.

Thanks in advance.


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The single best way to do it is to download sim settlements conqueror.  It'll prebuild several settlements for you to raid and even comes with options so that you can choose what flavor of raider you want to roll with.  Add the fact that it allows you to murder Preston and all the others in concord and you have the means to ensure there is no way you'll be able to use the Minutemen or join them.

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Honestly, just leave Preston in the museum. Chase the main quest far enough to kill Kellogg and get the BoS on the scene, then go to Nuka World, do some jobs for the gang bosses. Build a few raider settlements, intimidate some others, and if you have Just Business installed, start building a harem of BoS knights and former Minutemen. Can't get much more raider-ey than that.

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Could be a bit late, but still, some suggestions...


Start Me Up - Similar to the Alternate Start mod for Skyrim, this mod allows a variety of different starts, in different locations, character backgrounds, etc. 


Preston is killable by SKK - Just as it says, Preston and the group in Concord can be fully taken out.


I'm A Raider DammitI'm A Raider Dammit - Explicit - Two versions of essentially the same mod, both going for making some of the UI prompts more fitting for a more uncouth Raider. The explicit version just includes a few expletives, such as "How long was I fuckin' out?" after sleeping.

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