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  1. Both versions will use Toys Framework from now on. SE release date is soon-ish. No one wants a broken release.
  2. If I remember right this was originally caused by USLEEP undoing a fix put out by Bethesda concerning a vanilla bug for female characters. I remember running into this problem as well and I think I was able to get the guards to properly arrest me after walking up to a random person and punching them to increase my fine. THen I put my hands away so the guards wouldn't just murder me.
  3. No, just download the SE version on it's own mod page and download the BHUNP files. LE and SE have different pages.
  4. Very nice first entry. I like how the more monotone feel makes the gold accents and gem really pop.
  5. The only thing that I have found that reliably strips ammo for sexlab scenes, or anything else really, is this: Auto Hide Ammo at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community
  6. Nemesis's big problem is mostly with creature animations and I have heard alternate animations still have some issues. As long as you are not looking for creature content you should be good.
  7. This is more cyber punk than Cyberpunk.
  8. This line right here is one of the primary purposes of the toys framework. It is intended to create an alternative framework where mod authors can create whatever type of toys they want or need for their own mods that is simpler, cleaner, and faster. A large part of the design was so that if an author wants to recreate the something that in gameplay functions like DD items then they can. The difference is intended to be that you as an author have more flexibility to design what you want, when you want, how you want for whatever project you are working on. Traditional slavery mod
  9. I really do like the Goblin Slayer/ D&D feel you have going here. I'm interested to see how our heroines get out of this sticky situation.
  10. You always post such wonderful pictures. It's always a plus when you've got something new to share.
  11. The point of not having an animation filter is to ensure that the framework doesn't cause interference with other mods. It will still support creating specific toys that block animations but it will be the mod author who creates the specific toy that will decide if that is what they want the toy to do with their mod. The difference is that it will not be forced universally on all mod authors or users the way current systems are set up. This should allow more freedom for mod authors to create exactly what they want without the headache of having to accept a whole bunch of extra stuff that th
  12. As I said, nothing really for the framework but for someone building a separate mod that ties into the framework. I bring up chain beasts only as an example of something similar, though far more intrusive as you have said. A mod author with a little know how should be able to build what you are asking about as it's own standalone mod supported by the framework.
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