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NUDE Mod 4K 'Realistic Textures' - by Jenovation

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it actually looks pretty good but the facial texture makes it look like aging / old


other than that the body texture looks really nice


plus of course, if u can smoother the sharp edge on top of the breast when u looking from the side and hip area it would be perfect

and the belly button seems a bit too big and looks kinda wierd


and last, definitely appreciate your wonderful work, thank you

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3 hours ago, xikagou said:

I do n’t know what other people think, but the wrinkles scared me

the sharpening of the image and close-up makes it a bit more stand out. in the game it looks softer and realistic :)
i guess its up to preference if people like the doll plastic look or something that represents a bit more real skin

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2 hours ago, Nickhead said:

Really nice texture on the nipples. It would be nice if every girl had a unique, different texture for their own body with these mods.

yes, thats the goal, each girl will have unique skin texture including nipple type and color

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2 hours ago, knight77 said:

These look very nice. I really like the improved eyes!

For which modder base mesh will these work?

For Hi-metals I guess? But also for mine?

thanks, i'm using real iris photos modified for these. the girls with more 'anime' colored eyes will have more toned-down realistic colors (still need to see how that looks as misaki already has brown/hazel eyes)


currently im creating them on the square bikini mod for body and the makeupmod for the faces, mostly because I actually dont have any modding knowledge and got the game a few days ago.

any help distributing this properly would be greatly appreciated as you seem to be one of the veterans around here :D

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Michelangelo is that you?

I will only say fucking A+. Looks amazing. Drop the .zip 😛


PS: Will this also work flawlessly with the pubes versions and different nipple sizes, or would all of those are all different texture files that need to be modified 1 by 1.

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