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  1. Hey guys, just got my new machine, will continue on this soon. Implementing all the different versions is taking some time. Thanks for the patience
  2. Looks great. I'm not familiar with BP boobs that much so I dont know how to make my mod compatible. Could you give me some insight into how the textures are handled? My new version coming out will have multiple nipple options per girl so it would be handy to have it be compatible!
  3. Feel free to share! But it may become slightly obsolete once the new version is out. I completed all the textures, but I still need to generate all the thumbnails and stuff for the visual selection part, so i need some more time. It'll be fairly soon I think though...
  4. If seams appear around the nipples it's because the nipples have UV islands that were separated from the main body mesh in order to increase their resolution. On the original model this is not the case, so there would never be seams there (but you can still get seams on other parts of the body where the UV island is cut) Changing the UV seam closer or further to an aureola wouldnt change this problem, also to have different nipple sizes this wouldn't work either way. Could you show me where you spotted seams? I tried my best to paint them out completely, but it's possible that in some of the older screenshots they were still partially there. If the diffuse doesnt have a seam, there should be none in the game (like shown below). Except if you use a suit that is incompatible of course.
  5. some labia will be available for multiple girls, but each set is unique per girl. i think there are over 15 unique labia textures in the mod ranging from very cute 'innie' type to the more 'meaty' kind lol
  6. Quick update on the next version I'm cooking up. (will need a few more weeks to finish it) It will include ALL Steam girls: Ayane, Fiona, Helena, Hitomi, Honoka, Kanna, Kasumi, Kokoro, Leifang, Luna, Marie, Misaki, Momiji, Monica, Nagisa, Nyotengu, Tamaki Each girl will have: 4 eye color types 3 make-up types 3 lipstick types 3 nipple types 3 labia types 4 pubic hair types Thanks to the great work and collaboration with @avenger54 you will be able to pick these option visually! (No need to mess around with shortcuts ) Here is a test video featuring Kokoro, enjoy! 2021-01-21 09-43-16.mp4
  7. Thank you for the details. I have quite a lot of new girls to complete (Leifang, Tamaki, Kanna, Monica) so I will start with those and release the new mod version. (it takes time) After that I will look into DMM and the remaining girls
  8. Thanks for the info and help! Yes, I realize some girls will need to be made in the DMM version, so those will have to wait for now. I actually found someone who is sharing their account with me, so I wont have to use this system for the Steam girls. Thanks to everyone for offering to help nonetheless. The current approach will be easier though, to properly test all the textures its really necessary to have to girl, as well as many poses so the textures can be checked in different scenarios.
  9. Thanks for the help! Adding you now. But... this doesnt look right?
  10. Damn, didnt even know this, but yeah this actually works and might be a good way to solve this issue. @azndragon2222 do you mind giving your Tamaki square bikini so I can work on her skin? @Login can you set your Kanna to have square bikini? @Date.Takenobu Could you set Patty, Lobelia or Sayuri as main girl with square bikini on? Thanks guys!!
  11. Thanks, Ill be adding you. I think free cam on a paused game might work, if the girl is wearing the square bikini. But... how do you use the girl of a friend in a volleyball match, ive never done this, did I just miss this function entirely? Is this on steam?
  12. @Login @azndragon2222 Added both of you as friends. Doesn't look like I can move the camera or anything though, I just see the girl standing. Dont think I can work on textures with just this view, especially the genitals are out of vision...
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