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  1. Wow, I dont even know that we can change look of the the poses, nice work mate Can you share the original swimsuit picture? I hope its not an SSR suit.
  2. Kasumi/Misaki Skin : Hairy + French Nails + Better foot details (Original skin is made by @eromaro ) Kasumi/Misaki Skin file: Kasumi_Misaki 12.dds If you like it, don't hesitate to press the "like button" of this post
  3. Is there a garter mod for cc? If there is one, can someone share its link? Its the most beautiful part of underwear, there should be mods but i couldnt find Any modder can make a cc mod like this?
  4. This is very intresting... It took some time but at last i found the source of the problem. Its the Fiona Hair mod (hair fiona mod v 2.2 by minazuki) , very intresting. I dont understand whats wrong, but this mod ini (Long hair to short hair) does this conflict. Really liked this hair mod, hope there could be a fix soon Long Hair.ini
  5. Its not important mate, we are lucky to have moders like you in this community BTW, i think i see another issue, it becomes visible in some angles. It seems like a part of hair You can see it in the following screenshot. next to the right leg. I think its hash is : ecc8226d
  6. Yes mate, v1.1 version works perfect, i have missed the update, thank you for the great mod
  7. I have seams with the SSR Premier Rendezvous - Common Body mod, does anybody has too or its just me?
  8. Hi mate, I also tried the white skin for patty but it only changes the face, with wich body skin is it compitable? How can i use this?
  9. Agreed it will be very nice to have black lipstick.. Its hard to edit the lipstick color for me but tried it with my amateur skills for marie
  10. Thank you for your great effort, this mod is really very good with the new visual menu. Will there be the lipstick and eyeshadow options for Tsukushi too?
  11. And also a little more uncovered tits could be nice which we can see the nipples at least
  12. Hi all, I had some red errors, fixed all of them but cannot solve this problem. What is this error and why i get this error? This is the only error i have now.
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