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  1. Great Mod man, thank you. But i cant use the ring above the head, is there a special way to use it? Edit: Alright, i figured it
  2. Its a very nice mod mate, thank you but i think i have a shape issue with the breasts of honoka body. Will you also update the common body? Its not working for me..
  3. I had this once and fix the problem with installing DMM again. (On japan version)
  4. As well as the sr suit mod, also I'm looking for her SR suit mod (The same one with the SSR version but it has also bottom) If anyone have one, can you pls share it? Thank you.
  5. Yes you are right mate. I thought i took that pic with the default cc mod but after your reply i realized that it is the puffy nipple cc mod. Now i checked again and there is no problem with the default cc. Thank you for your answer.
  6. I think i have an another issue with honaka body, is it only me? I just realized that there are 2 holes at the left arm pit. Esp they are visible with the pose in the screenshot.
  7. Thank you mate for your reply, also thank you for the great skins you made BTW are you also planning to edit Sayuri skin for this mesh? She has seams with this mesh around the nipples.
  8. Hi mate, are you using your own face skins for Honoka and Tsukushi? If so, can you share them? With the default games skins, there are seams between the head and the body.
  9. Is there a high quality face of tsukushi? I tried to recolor Eromaro's honokas skin but not i think its not fit well with the default game's face textures.. BTW if anyone needs no glasses (without glass shine effect) and no hair clip mod for tsukushi, I wrote this little mod. Tsukushi Goggles.ini
  10. I'm still working on it, its not finished. But i think foot textures are not important for forum members, it doesn't take attention as i guess. So maybe i will not relase it.
  11. WIP - Misaki's Foot skin texture edit (Original body skins are made by @eromaro. Is it only me who doesn't like the game's default foot textures? Edit : V2- French Nail Paint version V1
  12. It looks very good, 😊👍. Hope you can share those mods after you finished.
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