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  1. Mostly:) I was trying to say I would like to have a version just without ropes on the body part. The ropes which are used for hanging (from legs) can be still active. EDIT: I just noticed, we can do what i said with your new version. Thank you mate, great mod as always
  2. Any chance to make a version that there is no rope on the chest and body? Just with hand ties and with hanging ropes.
  3. It seems like there is a conflict with Makeup Mod of Patty. I only disabled patty folder in the make up mod and the problem seems solved.
  4. Pu it in the Mai Shiranui face swap mod folder. Replace the skin file in the folder.
  5. I know it mate and i'm already using my skin. I shared my skin with you so if you want to try my body skin file with your mod, you can use it.
  6. Great mod mate, i love it, congrats. I hope you can solve the neck seam and the bright issues soon. I really want to use this mod as default I tried to recolor body skin of helena that I'm using (edited eromaro skin), and its not looking bad. Maybe you can try and fine tune to match your face mod if you like it. Helena_g_c.dds
  7. @KuroKaze78 Is there a way to make CC have more mod folders? I reached the 96th limit and want to use more mods without deleting the old ones.
  8. I wish i had this swimsuits Great Job man. Maybe texture of the stockings and the shoes could be not the same. At least not the same color.
  9. I solved the problem by myself. The error was related to a mod's ini file. First, i found the related mod by disabling all mods one by one, then i searched the ini file of the mod and fixed the problem in the ini file. There was a false entry in the ini file and after i fixed that, the problem solved.
  10. Great work man, I love it. Do you consider to make this mods suitable for Costume Customizer?
  11. Can we use it without the plasters?
  12. Hi mate, I can't make this mod work. CTRL+1 or+2 is doing nothing, what can be the problem? Edit: Ok, my mistake, it works very well with common body, i was using honoka body and it was not working. Can you pls add honoka body support?
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