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Mod Recommendations for starting 3p+ scenes between NPCs

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So one thing I've noticed as a weakness in my mod setup is that starting scenes between multiple NPCs is not easily done.  And when they're started they usually only go on for one animation.


I'm aware of SL Aroused ( I think that's the one) with the irresistably attractive spell - and this okay good for nonagressive anims; but it suffers from the weakness of having to cast on people manually as well as not getting aggressive animations started.


I also have experience with Pet Collar (very good mod, does much of what I want) but if you presently have a follower, your follower prevents other NPCs from getting involved.  I like having followers, so this doesn't really work for this purpose.


I also have tried for some time to get SL kidnapped to work (lots of 3+ anims between NPCs), but as you may know it's very tempermental and unreliable.


I'm looking for something that works a bit more easily, and handles aggressive animations as well.  Say for example you pick an NPC and you want it to get gangbanged by everyone around for some time.  It doesn't need to be complicated or immersive - it just needs to trigger 3p+ animations involving bystanders on  given NPC.


Anything out there I should be aware of?

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I think you mean the matchmaker spells that you can cast on others and yourself to build a 1-5 person SL scene.   Most of the mods I use are player centric and / consensual, not so much "pick a target and gangbang them with everyone in the area".


This might work: 


You might also want to look up Scent of Sex and see if that can do what you want ( what comes to mind is the option to speak to your target and tell them to get banged but I'm not sure how to set that up)


Something that would work and be simple but klunky is SL Tools, or Simple Sexing.  You would have to pick both the "victim" and the other participants but would have control over which anims or type by tags.  Would also have to start each one, so it isn't automated in any way.



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The one that fits your description best would probably be SexLab Defeat.

There you can be gang-raped quite easily by running into an enemy group and being beaten by them, or surrendering. You can set the chance for group actions in the MCM.


SexLab Eager NPCs can start group actions in various ways.

If both you and your companion are aroused enough you get the option to invite a third person in, there are triggers to start orgies on clearing areas and defeating dragons and you can also start sex parties with of course have a good chance to start some group actions (though you need to gain some SLEN rank before that last feature is unlocked).


Then there's also SexLab Random Attack, which despite the name can also be set up for consensual acts if you want. There depending on the MCM settings you can set it up so that NPCs will randomly start to have sex once they reach a certain arousal threshold and you can also set a chance for group actions.


SexLab Solutions has a few spots that also start group actions, like a metting with the revellers for example where you first take two of them in a threesome and then finish in a one-on-one with the final one.

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Though you need to carefully read description, but SLAA is one what you should try.

I have seldom seen 3P animation, with defeat,, and  I often hoped to see easy start 3P animation.


But the real problem is,, mod can not serch the 3rd Actor easy..   SLAA actually solve this.

And as my test,, it is not script heavy..  (though there is time lag, to add (or serch and pcik), the 3rd actor.

There are many possibility, so anyway, I recommend download and try.. just start 2P animation. 

with your MCM setting,    it should change as 3P. (SLAA auto add one more actor, and overwrite (re-start) 3P animation.

(with sexlab plus recent version, you can add clone creature too,, (so Creture vs female,, will change as 2 creaure VS female)



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You have a setting (or rather two settings, one for the player and one for NPCs as victims) in the MCM of Defeat where you can set the chance for group actions from anything between 0 and 100% chance, so you can set it up that the game will always do group actions if there are enough attackers.

Did you try putting that setting higher?

I have mine on 50% and it happens only very rarely that multiple attackers metaphorically line up in single-file to wait their turn. I've seen anything from 3p up to 5p gangbangs happening with both humanoid and creatures.


Of course you need a fitting animation. If you don't have a 3p animation for a certain creature Defeat will check that ahead of time and not even try to initiate group actions if it can't access any 3+p animations with the approriate tags (by default aggressive and gender related, but you can add or remove any tags you like to be in- or excluded in the MCM).

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Actually, shencereys is right. There is no definitive tool out there that will play multi-npc animations even close to what one would call "flawlessly". I've tried a host of them and they all have their own short comings. And,as with alot of things in life, often no one thing does it all. If that was the case I'd be married to a telephone pole. As one can't do it,how about a stand alone app that handles only multi-npc-mc (main character) animations? Is it possible? I get the impression that multi-npc animations may have to be setup in a certain way to work properly and maybe from one animation to the next, when that's not done, you'll have a problem.

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