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Skyrim-skinned, animated gamebryofiles

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I created a guiloutine gamebryo-file which is working with skinned parts, animated.

This assets are disappearing completely if the cam gets close (same effect in Creation Kit), and if I get far away, it´s absolutely fine.

Maybe there´s a chance inside of the settings, so to bring the nearfield view like on other assets.

I´d be really happy for a serious hint or help.


Textures got like normal static assets their set-up, I only used the skinned-flag for the object-parts, so to attach the objects of the file to the bones.

The animation is build up by moving the BONES and not the objects.

The file works error-free, apart of the mentioned visual problem.

TESV 2020-04-23 17-48-30-29.jpg

TESV 2020-04-23 17-48-26-46.jpg

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14 hours ago, Yinkle said:

I've seen this happen with some armour shapes when they have translation values and are flagged as skinned but I'm not sure if that would be relevant in this case.

Thank you-anyway I found a vanilla skyrim asset with exactly the basic-setup, which I do use inside my file-anyway do I not have a chance to quit the optical error. But meanwhile I KNOW that what I have created, is officially working stuff inside of the skyrim-engine-question is, if I can see the missing data with nifscope.

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