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My game keeps frezzing

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What would be the best setting for the graphics. I've updated the game and the wickwhim mod. Once i start the game it would play fine until I go onto a lot and then its start stalling then I get a bunch of error messages in the bulletin board. By that point the game is frozen the only thing that moves is my mouse.

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What's best from a performance standpoint is always to have the graphics on the lowest possible settings. You probably won't like how it looks, though, so you just have to use trial and error to find a happy medium between performance and visual appeal. I think I currently have mine on Medium for the people and Low for everything else, and I personally don't notice much difference between that and when I used to have it on Very High.

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13 hours ago, sillyquietgirl90 said:

Error mentions a cc trait so I'd start by removing any trait mods you have.

File "blicblock_PretentiousTrait.py"


Also Nisa's Wicked Perversions is having problems so remove that one for now to desktop.


Freezing can also be caused if your sim has too many relationships, like 100+.


Depending on the PC's power/memory normally you can set most graphics settings to medium but turn off lighting and reflections.

But if your computer only has 4gb or less with integrated graphics you could be running out of memory.

Especially when using heavy script mods like WW and Nisa's WP.


You can test this by moving WW and Nisa's WP to desktop temporarily, plus any other script mods like MCCC, Basemental, etc..

Don't forget to delete your localthimbcache in your TS4 folder whenever addiing, removing, or updating mods/game.


Just don't make any new saves when testing, but you can do a 'save as' if needed.


The idea is to see if the freezing stops when mods are removed.

If it doesn't help then it's probably a hardware/memory/graphics problem.


Other info might be helpful:

Did your computer just start freezing recently or did it run fine before you added some new mods?

Is it a really old game save?  


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22 hours ago, sillyquietgirl90 said:

Ok thanks for the feedback. My computer has always ran a little slow, I know I gotta look into a new one but the freezing was different than before.

So you've had freezing problems before now.

It's probably worse now I suspect.


Well, sadly it does sound like it's time for a new one, or at least a newer one anyway.

Sometimes you can get a used one, a few years old, cheaper than brand new.

But it's a bit risky if you have problems later with no warranty.

Local Computer Shops might be better but I'd stay away from Best Buy, etc.  

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16 hours ago, sillyquietgirl90 said:

Thanks for the tip! Now I'm gonna look and see if theres any in Philadelphia, wish me luck lol.

If you just must have a laptop then ASUS is one of the better brands but a bit harder to find retail.


I still prefer, and use, a desktop for serious gaming of any kind though, better cooling and easier for me to repair mostly.

And I get to pick what goes inside when building them myself and many of my internal parts are like 10 yrs old and still a strong running machine.

I've only updated the graphics card and added another 8gb ram to = 16gb total now.


TS4 likes at least 8gb ram minimum and a dedicated video graphics with 4gb min. :)


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Before starting TS4 you could start the task manager to monitor the CPU, GPU, Memory, Disk usage. It should give you a hint where's the problem. Paging because all memory is used could be one.


A backup and a fresh installation (maybe on SSD) could speed things up and help to use the computer for more years. But if you also need a memory and graphic card update this makes little sense.


I installed Win10 again overwriting everything on my old i5 GT520m notebook as it was really slow after x years. It really helped to speed it up. It boots much faster now and creates less IO. All never-used apps and services are missing now ;) Anyhow I don't play TS4 there so I have no idea whether it would run fine there with all details enabled.


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