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Im getting Crazy!

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Well I just downloaded skyrim first time in my life and watched the video on youtube named Skyrim adult mods Starting over with the basics  and that dude tells something in 30 minutes and I did everything what he says but then when I started the sex scene they didint get completely naked and so I searched some other things and found some CBBE and S.O.S for men or something like that and it worked. but when I tried to download hentai creatures and aroused creatures and something like that I couldnt success and it really messed up. now when I open the game it shows logo but suddenly closes the game itself.


ALL I want to someone's guide to how to make my skyrim like his skyrim! here's the pictures of mods that I downloaded. what should I download next one by one plz. When I open all of the mods, game does not open. it closes after the logo screen 


All I want. make easily sex. customize my female character and spawn some fucking creatures. I want to start from zero plz someone guide me to start over with this!




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the nuke way might be inevitable !   as it could be a result of not running " loot " , not adjusting the load order as recommended , not running Fnis , etc …   


i would suggest you to follow this link it has more consistance than a fast  video : https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/7521-conglomerate-01-basic-setup-for-modifing-skyrim-le-well-my-skyrim-got-messy-now-i-have-to-clean-it-up-so-i-thought-to-myself-why-not-start-a-blog-about-that/




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