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Changing NPC bodies?


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On 4/15/2020 at 4:15 PM, noobshi said:

For NPC, just replace the body mesh in their folder with w/e you want.

For PC, I use Unique Character. Replace the body and texture in Unique Character with w/e you want to use.

that's the whole point, the said folder won't exist before being generated through CK to path the meshes and texture to that body. I am too looking for a tutorial on how to make this happen, once there's a folder and pathing it's like lego


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6 minutes ago, Dyscrasite said:

Please let me know if you find a way.


The simplest method of doing this is to give the follower a unique set of clothing or armor. Then build THAT in Bodyslide with the body that you want the follower to have. After, of course, batch building all the rest of the armors/clothing. I recommend that you try one of the many fine armors here on LL particularly those by C5Kev. DO bear in mind that they will only have that body while wearing those clothes (although you can repeat this for entire wardrobe if you like).

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