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  1. I've been working on Victoria Velina in the latest days to remove everything the original author did not have permission upon and other mod dependencies making her wear invisible stuff and so on. I also ported everything for SSE and manage compatibility with at least nether follower framework without the script change of course. I've managed pretty much everything on my list so far, still awaiting for VinAri0807 approval to upload at some point. My thing being reviving loved mod from the past but still making sure every permission are there before making a move. I started from the LE
  2. textures I'm using for my own player's character. I plan on working on cows now. cows are ugly
  3. I've been "playing" skyrim for 8 years and havn't get passed the coc qasmoke. this game is modding itself. as for your black face bug using a vanilla hair replacer and just populating facegens would fix your issues without creating esp flagged esl, that plus proper load order, checking records in xedit, you could save up a few, keep up the great work, you might publish three way patches on the nexus when you use mainstream mod that have small issues. people love patches
  4. Daedra Seducer was updated on june 2 for SSE, I did not have issues with it, only possible mismatch is with the DSR patch but moving the shield to 59 fixes it and it looks great
  5. I'm using Pubes Forever from nexus https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19990
  6. Ck- >Load ESP as active File. go to race, find the one that is edited (*). Right Click>Edit->General Tab->Tick Playable->Accept->Save the ESP, custom race should be in showracemenu in game
  7. edit: for those having an issue with missing line when meeting her such as Who are you and other comment that are subbed but not dubbed. you are using a mod that changes vanilla follower assets, the victoria esp must load after those mod, if using Nethers follower framework, make sure not to install scripts or dummy in the fomod and it will work
  8. it's up in miscellaneous https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/35381?tab=files
  9. I'll make a patch just for you for the no tear tintmask
  10. Summary: I've had this bug on different build in the last year, with clean and dirty masters, with different load order, always occurs when I'm nearly done with my downloads. I did not find much online to something close to it. I'm not running FNIS on this build but it occured last year with FNIS, this time only nemesis and skipped creature animation. It's the only major bug left in my game, and it is easily skippable, I'm still using vanilla helgen tutorial with a lot of plugins so it's like I am asking for it. Actual problem: After naming the character in the Who are you scene, the camer
  11. I meant the bodyslide thread >< but good I'll download them and take a look
  12. it's a new outfit but only place in the world without commands onto cicero's replacing female body with the mod installed, so to acquire it vanilla way, a player would have to trade a few things with cicero or to do the impossible and loot her body. I spent two days on clipping for both UNP and CBBE so it shouldn't be as clipping as my former unp version. Im using physic on my test environment so going to static without issue and test it properly is complicated, plus only my physic version has better poly so when using the static version its not as fit, so if someone wanna do a cbbe static
  13. I've updated my mod physics outfit, should I integrate bodyslide file into the main download like I used to or add a separate download for each version so people can support different body type ? I'm trying to keep it clean while making it usefull, what do people prefer. Plus I am always switching in between my UNP and CBBE version, taking hints on how to properly conversed them back and forth as I update CiciReal Placer [Nexus]
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