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Fixing severe misalignment in animations

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Is there a good way of fixing up misaligned actors on nearly all animations? 14 human animations I tested are significantly off (penis nowhere close to where it should be). I followed and installed everything in this guide in order, but did not create me own custom bodyslide files, just took the premade ones posted in the files section. The female actor always appears to be too far back (SOS penis in front of her)

Is there a good way of fixing all these animations? Not sure if its my character (standard Nord) or SOS being odd or the bodyslide of my character stolen from that guide screwing things up. If someone can link a good way of generating all the bodyslide data I'll do a custom one but doing each piece of armor and clothing by hand one at a time just takes far too many  hours.

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Bodyslide or  body  preset has nothing to do with  alignment, you  can  use  alignment hotkeys found in sexlab MCM to align actors...either  stage by stage  or whole scene in general, there is no other way. I would also suggest you use Sexlab Utility plus found in OsmelMC mod tweaks( it fixes and adds some stuff ).


Use  these animation  packs - Milky, Billys, Ayasato, Leito...  in  vast  majority the actors are properly aligned already, in some you might have to tweak values a tiny bit .


Otherwise you can build  your own  body using any body replacer  in Bodyslide with  a  custom made preset or those generic  ones(curvy,slim...) that come  with the body mod.


I would suggest you  use CBBE 3BBB found on nexus install it and all its requirements -choose  FULL SMP or CBPC during install and chose SOS physics, just read the  description you cant mess up anything.

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In addition to using dynamic positioning keys on an adhoc basis, you can dynamically update SL with corrected positioning for each stage of an animation and save those changes. (SL >> Animation Editor). 


In the former case, afaik SL will save the changes made (at least sometimes) IFF the animation concludes normally.


In the latter case, any changes made and saved from with the MCM will save every time. (presuming you don't CTD before doing a game save) 


Afaik, if you're presently *in an animation and use the MCM to navigate to SL, the SL Animation Editor menu will automatically pop up with the current animation selected. 


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