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Wicked Pets

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Soo i know there is a wicked pets mod which lets you do some good stuff to your pets in The Sims 4 but my only problem is that i dont have the Cats and Dogs expansion pack. now, i know i should just buy it and be happy but i was wondering that if there is a way to use wicked pets without cats and dogs? or is there a way to download it for free somewhere? i want only that expansion pack and no more. If anyone knows how to get it for free please let me know

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Well, since it's EA we're talking about, there'll be no freebies. However, right now "Cats & Dogs" is 50% off - that's probably the lowest price you'll ever see for this type of packs. Given the amount of stuff it adds to the game (a new world with a bunch of lots, vet clinics and animals ofc) I'd say go ahead and buy it. Compared to some other "large expansions" this one's definitely worth a bit of money in my eyes - not the full price, though, that's a little too much money for me.

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