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Create / Change body (CBBE / 7Base ...)

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43 minutes ago, hana120 said:

Here I am on UUNPB and I would like to know how to create a body like CBBE, 7Base or other to change later.
I had already been explained once but I had found the explanation difficult.
Is there a tutorial easy enough to follow?

Edit: I really should pay attention to the where these posts are - SE Doh!


Just deleted what I responded since I cannot find any evidence the Bodyslide for SE comes with UUNP... Surely it must?

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UNPB and SevenBase are both versions of UNP


CBBE is a different body, skin textures will not match.


From what I can tell you need to install both Bodyslide and the CBBE Addon


It looks like the only way to get UUNP (which is all the UNP variants as a Bodyslide option) is to manually copy over presets etc. but I would say that information would be best coming from someone that has done it.


There is BHUNP for SE but I would get familiar with Bodyslide etc first.

Everytime I think of swapping over to SE I see something else that puts me off the idea.

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Don't mix CBBE and (U)UNP. Just don't. These are two different body types and you can only use one at a time, unless you go around using custom races or other mods to provide additional meshes/textures path for different NPCs.


  1. You can use CBBE + Bodyslide. Both have a release for SE so you just need to download, install and use it.
    • Most outfits are released with bodyslide files for CBBE. You just need to install these files and use Bodyslide to reshape the outfits to your preset.
  2. You can use BHUNP + Bodyslide. Like the above, both have a SE release so is just download, install and use it.
    • I guess you'll have to look for BHUNP compatible outfits, haven't seen many.
  3. You can use any UUNP preset or mod from LE, then optimize the meshes to use them in SE (using SSE NifOptimizer or Cathedral Assets Optimizer).

Just pick one and you're done. All choices will require you to use Bodyslide, which is how you customize your body and outfits shape, using an already existing preset (from the base Bodyslide/CBBE or from the hundreds of presets ready to download) or creating your own preset. So you'll need to learn how to use it, to do so there are several guides and even videos about how to do the basic stuff. You'll have to search, read/watch and ask if you still have any questions.

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  1. Install CBBE. Pick any preset you want (curvy/slim, etc).
  2. Install Bodyslide.
    • It comes with bodyslide files to convert all the vanilla outfits to CBBE (you can enable/disable in the installer).
    • Make sure all the armor/clothing mods you use have CBBE bodyslide support and that you installed these files (mods with bodyslide files contain a "CalienteTools" folder among the default esp file, meshes and textures folder).
  3. Open Bodyslide, select your desired preset and build every outfit you have (vanilla + any armor/clothing mod you have installed) using the same preset.
    • The most easy way to do it is using the "Batch Build" button, then selecting all the outfit/body sets in the list you'll see.

That's the general idea, you have the video I linked and any written guide you can find for reference. I already wrote the step by step in the guide on my signature, but I use MO2 so some steps might confuse you if you don't use MO2.

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