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X Moon - XStoryPlayer


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X Moon Production's XStoryPlayer is a game that is just getting started but has decent physics (very good cloth physics) and cute characters... not to expensive ($10) and is pretty fun. Plus the developer seems to be pretty interested in listening to feature requests on the forums as he continues to develop the game.


Only 2 stories (each with 2 characters) and a freeplay option so far. But looks like development is continuing on it... check it out



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What is the duration of the game?
The gameplay duration is about 5-7 hours per story (depending on your skills and experience). The stories have an open ending. This means that once you established a relationship with a girl, she is yours eternally, and you can keep visiting her.


So, is the story part of xstoryplayer any good? Are the plots more along standard rp scenes, or standard porn scenes? Honestly I'm not that hopeful. It just looks like yet another bog-standard sex "sim" game. Guy has list of girls. Guy "wins over girl." Guy then does whatever he wants to girl. Hooray. Cause that's how I want my relationship to be. :\ I swear, the day they make a decent sex game, with a Fm, or at least a NON Mf relationship, that is NOT a stereotypical dominatrix/mistress donned with leather and a whip, I'll... well I'll be happy. But I sure as hell don't see it coming any time soon. Don't get me wrong... I'm fine with other than that. But the way it has presented itself, it's a "Relationship simulator" sex game. Which means I'll be viewing it as a relationship, and wanting, well, the sort of relationship I want. If the game gives me the opportunity to rp as well, then that is something completely different. I'd also be happy if it's willing to include blackmail, rape, coercion, incest, those sort of scenes, and actually done well, not crappy "I'm blackmailing you." "Awww, don't?" "Nope, blackmail time." "OH YES FUCK MY PUSSY HARDER." :\


We will see. I'm not waiting. :\ 

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Bought this as well, despite not being overly impressed with the demo.


Whoever thought it was a good idea to play a sex game in first person only, where you need both hands to control the action, kinda missed the point... :lol: Add to that that the controls are clunky and text based commands are abandoned since the beginning of the 90s for a reason as well. Why type in elaborate sentences, if "blowjob", "fuck" and what have you do the same trick. Actually, why not just offer some buttons to click for the same effect. 


Don't get me wrong there are some aspects to the game, that are really promising, like the cloth/fluid physics, but if the clothing looks like plastic bags, the whole thing loses its charm really quick. I'm not sure, if they will have any success, if they continue down this road. The least they should do, is hiring an artist to spruce up the horrible character models and outfits.


But it's only 10 bucks, so at least they're not ripping you off, like some other similar games. And if they manage to adress some of the points above, they'd have a pretty good foundation to build on deeper and more meaningful gameplay mechanics.

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I tried the game and must say it is worth the money even the controlling is sometimes weird. The girls in that game are nice and when you finished the 2 stories you have a fast sex option where you can in short time fulfill fantasies. Thumb up

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