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  1. Hey all, I started using this excellent mod "Animations" https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13780?tab=description Its a great mod but it uses some horrible default anims. I've had success in swapping out some of the animations! I changed searchingtable & searchingchest to bending over anims from "RohZimaAnimatedPosesPLUS-18844-2". I also changed the "idle_take" to a short against-wall sex anim. It essentially looks like my character uses both hands & leans forward to open doors now I'm having trouble with one of the animations. There is a anim referenced in the mod scripts as "Idlesearchbody". It's used in harvesting & searching bodies. I'm unable to override it as it doesn't seem to exist in the animations.bsa. Has anyone gone this route & done these modifications? Does anyone know which animation that is being referenced?
  2. Does a Skyrim-SE conversion of Aradia Leather Armor exist? I miss this armor, glove & heel so much.
  3. I'm not really into the Heel Sounds, so I've removed it's master file dependency. I read there is texture problems, if I encounter & fix them I will post that as well. Luxury Collection-NoHeelSoundMaster.rar (I don't use the vendor.esp for this mod, post if you need it adjusted as well) edit: lol, ok. I almost instantly encountered the texture problems. I'm guessing it's an issue with the Texture Sets in CK. I'll inspect it closer when I have more time.
  4. I think this is lore friendly for the leather & sexy as hell but I can't find a cbbe bodyslide for it:
  5. Does a Skyrim SE port of Aradia Leather Skimpy armor (CBBE+Bodyslide) exist?
  6. How are you doing Vitriks? I was just at your tumblr & seen the garter belts on your "Gothic Rebel female outfit", Very nice!
  7. Sent you a PM requesting the new esp! I posted here before in the thread asking about a custom skeleton but received no reply from anyone. (Though I did bug Bardonan in PM about his modifications to ivy as well & was givin some tips, thanks again)
  8. Insane mod Thank you I'm curious, has anyone hooked up ivy to use a custom skeleton or is it possible to do so without breaking everything? The neck tweak skeleton mods & such are a godsend for fallout 4.
  9. I found it while googling here: http://www.skyrim-beautification-project.com/fallout4/mods/files/index.htm I'm not actually using the full mod itself, I've just pulled some animations out to use ingame.
  10. Does anyone have a copy of this mod? The download here seems to be down here & at Nexus Edit: I eventually found the mod elsewhere as: "BLHs Animations Rug Version" 5mb.
  11. Incredible anims! Thank you Savage Cabbage! atm, I'm actually just picking through female anims to use solo as idles, ect. Especially love your dance moves. Hope to see more!
  12. I absolutely love your lingerie outfits! well done, hope to see more!
  13. Oh, that's cool. Did you convert the older body too SSE of CHSBHC from the original game along with the armor? I converted the original body. I'm looking at the original nif and trying to figure out how Cherryholating attached the Animations to the nif in Nifskope. I've finally figured out textures, but I'm trying to see if I can get animations attached to a mesh. If I can figure out how to attach an animation to a body. I'm going to start to run nifs through a nif process and see if I can attach a slider bar with Bodyslide with animations attached to the body nif already that will work with SSE. But first things first. I've got to learn how to get these damn animations attached to UNP. GRAAAHHH!!! Yes, I ran a CHSBHC body through Nif Optimizer too & its working well ingame. Currently using "Demoniac v1.0 CBBE FMS Ultralight" texture from SSE nexus for the body, no gaps, looks ok, only weird thing I noticed is my feet are a different shade of my skin. About animations...Sorry I'm no pro here but from what I know...all you need is to have a mesh properly weight painted & tied to the proper bones (like the mod I uploaded). Character animation itself is handled separately. Take a look at the mod "Fores New Idles" at SSE Nexus for more insight. What you've described sounds like how animation is tied to a wheel or object in nifskope. The bigger challenge is finding BBP or TBBP supported animation for the bounce (because we currently don't have working HDT in SSE). I'm currently only using "Dragonfly BBP animation" from SSE Nexus till I discover or dig out (once upon a time, I had nearly full bbp animation sets for oblivion) more compatible animations. If anyone can assist, I still need bbp or tbbp animations for Sneak, Jump, attacks, ect. I may have another CHSBHC outfit for SSE to upload later but I still want to figure out how to get crafting & tempering working without errors while converting oldrim esp's in SSE CK.
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