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Alice Madness Returns Clothes

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I have the greatest honor in presenting you


Alice: Madness Returns - Costumes and Weapons




Everything is tested and working
Chest is located behind the strange statue that appears in Niben Bay
I DID NOT made this mod, and yes, its a rip, so keep it quiet, keep it silent and keep it to yourself
After a lot of pain, this finally comes through, though i dont claim responsibility for the original files, i had a lot of work putting everything together, there was the extraction part, the modeling with blender, the rigging, and re-rigging so animations would look nice, the textures conversion, the esp creation and all of this processes were easily made more than once until everything looked perfect


I hope you are nice to it cause it costed a lot of work
And i also hope that you know to appreciate the intention and be careful with it because rips are nor very welcome in the internet and people make a lot of scandal about things like this. So im hoping you'll be careful enough NOT TO POST OR UPLOAD THIS ANYWHERE ELSE, not even a reference to it. the idea is to keep this as obscure and secret as you can in order to keep it free for folks to enjoy


Load Madness.omod into Oblivion Mod Mmanager
Install the mod in Oblivlion/Data folder
Activate the esp


-Alice (Classic)
-Caterpillar and Hat (DLC)
-Cheshire and Ears (DLC)
-Chckmate (DLC)
-Doll Dress
-Fleshmaiden (DLC)
-Hattress and Hat (DLC)
-London Outfit
-Silk Maiden
-Royal Dress
-Rabbit Outfit and Hat (DLC)
-Steam Dress
-Siren Dress


All clothing is HGEC C-cup M lowerbody
Im very sorry i could not give the full blood soaked aspect to Hysteria and Fleshmaiden outfits, but thats because that would require new skin textures for HGEC and I suck at making new textures from nothing, perhaps someday a modder more familiarized with this science could help and make the textures


-Pepper Grinders from I to IV, hysteria version and DLC version - recomendation: shoot fast
-Tepot Cannons from I to IV, hysteria version and DLC version - the're slow but do a lot of damage
-Hobby Horses from I to IV, hysteria version and DLC version - blunt, twohanded
-Vorpal Blades in long version, knife versions (normal and hysteria) and DLC version - very fast onehanded blades
-Executioner's Scythe - perfect for cutting off the heads of your enemies
-Umbrella - a special shield


-Oblivion and Shivering Isles Expansion
-Universal Skeleton


PASSWORD: malkavian


Thank you all for your interest, i hope you like it and dont forget to leave your comment


To the creators of Alice: Madness Returns
To the creators of Oblivion
To all the modders and all the people out there in the internet who have shared their knowledge on modding things
Well... to me of course for taking all the hard work of searching the entire web in order to learn the things necessary for making this XD


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About the bug report


Im terribly sorry, i made some changes in meshes so the would point to the original textures and i forgot to change the paths


Caterpillar feet mesh needs to point texture to alicecaterpillarcloth.dds

Lidell feet need to point texture to alicelcloth.dds but they use the old UV map so for that mesh it would look ugly, its only the feet though


Sorry, its that when i changed the paths i totally forgot about doing it to those meshes


Ill re upload it later


in the meantime heres a fix.


@Mudchop: thanks ill take a look at it when i have the time ill ve very busy this week, if something comes out it would have to be an altenate esp


EDIT: Its done, no more bug, Im taking out the fix file from this post because the main file is all you need

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For me, Alice: Madness Return is by far the game with the best art and the most authentic and terrific costume design.

Therefore, Thank You Very, Very Much for sharing this with us!

I have played both Alice games, and to stride back to memory lane with this, will be a very welcomed experience.

I don't care what the body meshes is, I Will Find It, so I can use this super awesome gift.


I really, really, really hope you plan on making this for other games you see fit though...

Because it will be a terrible shame to see it merely on Oblivion...


Once again, Thank You Very Much!!!

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What body type this armor/cloth use? HGEC? and what size? :3


HGEC C cup+ BBB, M lowerbody


Theres possibly another update coming, ive been away for a few days, buy im cosidering some improvements on the esp and maybe adding some icons (personally i couldnt care less about them but since emo877 was so dedicated to post some, they could do the trick...)

but its not entirely decided

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Tried to upload some alternative (http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/83-alternative-esp-for-alicemadnessreturns-dress-pack/).. it starts new thread EVERY time!! Depressed..



Data Pack remains ESSENTIAL!

alternative esp for "AliceMadnessReturns" dress pack - altered container inject (no vanilla cell hurt), some suits are accessible by parts - skirts, leggins, gloves etc. Some silly "icons" added. Enchanted weapons got charge. Chest position slightly changed:






EDIT (June 11, 2014): Another .esp version (AliceRips_esp(e610).rar) for this tweak, using very nice icons made by Clarktu (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/14042-alice-madness-returns-rips/page-3?do=findComment&comment=805138, you should put them into textures\menus\icons\clothes\aliceRips\*.dds).

NB: requires both Original data pack (from OP), and my previous add-on ( mentioned in this post, contains parted suit models); new .esp just replaces old one (which you'd possibly backup).


Many thanks to Clarktu for beautiful icons!

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I think im oficially done with this mod (i "think" because you can never be absolutely sure about this... new ideas come and go as the wind...)


I checked mudchop's link in page 1 to "PJ's Spell Compendium" and looked into it... I discovered a very fun mod to play with but there will be no modifications based on it. "rapid fire" spell is a very cool spell, it fires a lot of fireballs in a row... but its not very different from the way i set the pepper grinders to work so i dont think its worth it . Many thanks for the link though


As for the icons it seems someone already went to the trouble of making an alternate esp, that means less work for me, now you can enjoy the icons as well as some additions from what i see...


And finally i like the way it resulted so its officially over as i have not seen any more bug reports or complaints and i assume its fine the way it is. A good idea for this thread would be also to invite people who liked my mod to share some pictures here as posting them on nexus could be dangerous, it has been done but its better if its done in very rare occasions only. Thank you for downloading it and liking it, my only and my best retribution is the joy of having people to like what ive done so im happy every time i see somebody like my work  :lol:

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