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New To PC Modding

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Step 1. Check the forum structure and identify the FO4 sections. Check the threads there and learn where to find or ask for certain information.

Step 2. Pick a mod manager and learn how to use it. I'd recommend MO2 or Vortex, but whatever you chose learn to use it. There are complete guides and even videos explaining each feature in these mod managers.

Step 3. Here is the tricky part because I'm not a FO4 player myself, so I won't be able to give you a direct link... but you'll need to do your research and find a good guide that tells you which mods are recommended in general and, as you're in this website, how to get the adult mods working too. I think there is a guide pinned in one of the FO4 sections of this forum.


This is not a joke nor a silly answer to bully you. This is just my honest advice as I see your first post here is to ask for help to mod a particular game in the General Discussion section. Welcome and I hope you can find the info you need.

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Youtube has plenty of tutorials on modding Bethesda games.  Some of them are more geared towards Skyrim, but the exact same principles ought to apply to Fallout 4.


My recommendation is videos by Gopher and GamerPoets.  


Also, choose a mod manager.  I've never used Vortex, but that might be a little easier for someone new to modding (???).  I've mostly used Mod Organizer, but have just started using Mod Organizer 2 now.  Nexus Mod Manager is no longer supported and really doesn't give you any control.  Some very experienced modders here will tell you to install everything manually, and that no doubt works fine for them when they know what they're doing, but the problem for that is you'll have no idea what you're overwriting, and if you want to test a mod to see if you like it and then decide to remove it, it will be much more difficult if not impossible to do so.


Watch tutorials on merged and bashed patches.


Pick one female body replacer and one male body replacer if you want to use the adult mods.  Don't try to install CBBE and Atomic Beauty and ???? because only the last one installed will win.


Don't remove mods mid-playthrough on a real game, they can leave scripts behind and potentially cause problems.  Not all mods have scripts, but that's just a good general practice.  Start a test game that you don't care about to try out mods you're unsure about.


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